Vegetable Juice and Balancing Acidity


Managing acidity is not only important on a primal diet, but it’s also important on a standard American diet.

On a standard American diet, most of the food is going to be acidic. Once you cook meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables or anything like that it will become more acidic.

To balance the cooked meat for example, you would need to eat a raw salad or raw vegetables with the cooked meat. The fibre will also help push the cooked meat through your system because it will not digest properly.

Also, many people on a standard American diet still eat raw fruit which is alkanalizing and they also eat vegetables.

I’m not sure if grains are acidic or alkaline, but I’d assume they are somewhere in the middle.


Why Consume Vegetable Juice?

Neutralizes acidity and volatile toxins, refreshing an acidic and toxic body. Except for wheat grass juice, all edible raw fresh vegetable juices, raw fruits and raw fresh fruit puree are alkalizing. Raw fresh tomatoes, raw fresh figs, raw fresh pineapple, raw fresh lemons and raw fresh parsley are the most alkalizing. Alkalizing foods do not need to be eaten together or eaten exclusively except during particular ailments. But if they are included - when you desire them or have a toxic problem - in a balanced raw diet, physical, emotional, and mental life will be easier. Although tomatoes, apples, citrus fruit and raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar are considered acidic, they alkalize the blood and body.

Vegetable Juice Is For Detox, Not For Building

When your body uses the minerals from the vegetable juice to neutralize toxicity and over acidity in the blood and the rest of the system, then you can use the minerals in your meat and dairy to rebuild and strengthen your body, but you cannot use minerals, well you can, but it's not as healthy. Your races are weaker who use a lot of your minerals from vegetation as your base cellular construction needs. Whereas the tribes and the animals who use animal tissue, the minerals in animal tissue and animal fluids, like milk to build their systems are a lot healthier and a lot stronger. They handle heat better and everything.

How Much and When?

You need to resupply minerals, and enzymes. That's where you get your supplement.

In the first book I said you need a minimum 2 cups a day. Usually before a meat meal is the best time because you get highly acidic afterwards.

If you drink the vegetable juice after the meat. Sometimes it interferes with digestion cause it will rush in quicker, and alkalinize some of the digestive acids

You won't digest your meat as well.

So, that's why I always suggested the vegetable juice an hour before the meat meal.

That's the best way to do it.

I only drank one cup of vegetable juice a day.

If I had any more than that. I started getting sleepy and tired. It's too much now, but for many years I had to have 2 - 3, or 4 a day.

That is just dependent.

What Foods Increase Acidity?

  • Red meats, which include: beef, pork (50%), lamb, venison, buffalo, but not by flesh colour, but typically 4 legged ruminant animals

  • Eggs (alone) will also increase acidity and dryness because the the fats are utilized so quickly and they also pull toxins from the brain when you eat them so they dry out the mouth

What Foods Reduce Acidity?

  • Vegetable juice, especially green vegetable juices like celery, parsley, cilantro,

  • Bland fruits, such as: cucumber, tomato, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, avocado

  • Low sugar fruits, such as: raspberries (5g sugar per cup), blackberries (7g sugar per cup), strawberries (7.5g sugar per cup), lemon (2.5g sugar per 100g), lime (1.7g per 100g).

Blueberries are a bit higher with 15g sugar per cup

Berries will help pull out metals. Lighter coloured berries remove lighter coloured metals like aluminum and iodine using raspberries (should mix it with coconut cream). Or darker berries like blueberries and blackberries to pull out mercury and other heavy metals.

Low sugar fruits won’t cause much detox.

  • High sugar fruits, as listed below…

Sugar per 100g

  • Dates: 66.47 g

  • Grapes: 16.25 g

  • Mangoes: 14.8 g

  • Cherries: 12.82 g

  • Figs: 12.4 g

  • Bananas: 12.23 g

  • Pomegranates: 12.18 g

  • Pineapples: 10.89 g

  • Apples: 10.39 g

  • Kiwifruit: 8.99 g

Eat fruit with fat


Always better to have a fat with any kind of fruit, always. Remember fruit, no matter what it is, is going to force detoxification. The tribes who don't eat cooked food like the Maasai it's illegal to eat fruit because it detoxes. They don't need detox cause they don't eat anything polluted and it causes the children and the people to get erratic behavior.

So, they do not eat fruit, even in its green state. Other tribes will eat lots of green fruit, and like I say in the book, anytime you eat fruit, you either have a hell of a load of fat in your stomach already, or you eat fat with it and you don't have a hell of a lot of fat on your body.

So, you definitely need the fruit with it.

  • Milk


Milk will also alkalinize. You can't have more than a half a cup of milk with a meat meal. Milk is alkalinizing as far as the relationship of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium to anything else. So, it will neutralize some of the hydrochloric acid.

If you have a highly acidic system, go ahead and have a cup of milk with it. If you have acid reflux, if you have trouble with over acidity, then a little bit more honey, a little bit more milk is fine. If you don't, you're going to spoil your digestion.

  • Honey


If you have over a tablespoon of honey with a meat meal, it's alkalinizing. It's gonna neutralize your hydrochloric acid. So, you can't have more than a tablespoon of honey with a meat meat, and that's a level tablespoon, not a heaping. We're talking about a regularly measuring tablespoon.

A measuring tablespoon is larger than a regular serving spoon. Serving spoon is usually one and a half teaspoons, which is a half a tablespoon.

  • Fish & Chicken


Fish will allow it to alter your desire quicker than eating chicken or any other kind of fowl.

Your fish and chicken are pretty alkalinizing.

Red meats are very heavily acid.

What Foods Are Neutral In Acidity?

Fats are neutral, as in they are not alkaline nor acidic.

Fats include, but are not limited to…

  • Butter

  • Avocado

  • Cream

  • Cheese

  • Meat fat

  • Bone marrow

How To Know When You Need It

Let's say you're feeling a little acid, a little bit irritable, a little anxious. You need more vegetables juice, unless you're eating a lot of fruit, then you need to cut down on the fruit.

Over Alkaline

When your digestive tract and your blood become over alkaline you lose your appetite for meat. You start craving sugars, and sugars, and sugars.

If you have no appetite after the juice it’s too much for you, you shouldn't be drinking that much juice or you should skip that particular juice at the time of day.

Why Celery


I like the celery because it isn't extreme and it keeps the salt level. So, it's like a constant IV sodium level in the body. It helps stimulate the adrenals and everybody needs some adrenaline, keep active and a lot of people who've been eating cooked foods for so long, have had lots of salt storages in their body and the high celery content helps detoxify that.

Cucumber For Collagen


And then cucumber. Cucumber to replace the collagen in your skin from all the damage from hydrogenated vegetable oils and all the toxins in processed food, which are supposed to leak through the skin.

You wonder why people have bad skin? Thick. The older they get, usually the thicker their skin gets because poisons accumulate in the skin, damage the collagen. They may scar, they may get all kinds of things. You get older, your skin has to tolerate all the toxins, it's supposed to tolerate 90% of the toxins that leave the body, so your skin will always be left in disarray the older you get.

If you're eating cucumber puree, the pulp in cucumber, you're gonna get a lot of silica with the collagen precursors along with it help replace skin.

Why Does Red Meat Even Cause Overacidity?

Red meat

The acidity of the red meat. Sometimes what will happen is when you have a lot of red meat, the body will start detoxing the liver.

When that happens, the blood gets overly acidic and it will just keep doing it, and doing and doing it. For some reason, even though liver is very concentrated in protein, it doesn't happen with liver. If it's happening, you need some seafood. It could be oysters. It can be...

What Is The Perfect Vegetable Juice Recipe?

This article Vegetable Juice Recipe explains it in depth, but I will briefly go over the ingredients.

  • parsley 10%

  • cilantro 5%

  • carrot 10% - 20%

  • celery 10% - 25%

  • rest is cucumber puree


Alkalinity always varies between people, some things that’s affect it include…

  • what their hormone levels are

  • digestion state (previous vegetarians, toxic people)

  • acidic diet

  • too much fruit causes alkalinity

Eating lots of red meat, not enough vege juice or white meat, lots of eggs alone, not enough milk

So, for those reasons you can’t give a blanket prescription for how much vegetable juice people need to consume. I can’t say, “Oh, you need 4 cups a day because Aajonus said” , because maybe you are eating lots of white meat and don’t require it or you are overeating fruit, which causes alkalinity, so in that case it’s better for not to consume too much vegetable juice. Or maybe you are consuming lots of milk, which diminishes your appetite for meat in the first place, so you won’t be very acidic at all.

That is why you should partially go by how you feel. Green vegetable juice is typically great first thing in the morning. It is hydrating and will alkanalize your acidic system from detoxing all night. Then it is a good idea to have one before your second meat meal and have at least another later in the day if you can. You should follow the primal diet eating schedule in the book, Recipe For Living Without Disease on page 42 or you can view it here. Complete Diet Schedule

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