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What are your recommendations currently for the standard juice formulas from what you put in your recipe book? I know it's changed and for purposes of an update, like you do still recommend honey. I know you've switched from lemon to lime.


No, that's just for certain conditions and certain people. I never recommend much lime because it's an antibacterial. You put lime in anything, it's gonna destroy the bacteria, just like antibiotics do. So, lime is something that I use in formula to destroy penicillin.

Penicillin is a bird fungus, it doesn't belong in the human body. Grains are for birds, seeds are for birds. When birds eat them, the penicillin grows on what? It grows on seed or grain starches, sugars. So, what they did is they took penicillin, made penicillin, just like in birds, they sterilize it, when they sterilize it there's no off switch for penicillin.

Once you're injected with it, and you eat grain-based foods, breads cakes, any of those, penicillin's gonna grow into your body forever. So, Lime helps destroy that, lime and vinegar helps destroy it better, the combination. Lime, honey and vinegar is even better, so I give people a formula with lime juice when they are inundated with fungus that shouldn't be there, unnatural fungus, like grains, and they're overtaking their intestines or something else.

(#1) [10% Parsley]

So, to get to your question, what I recommend for juices as a base is usually 10% parsley. The parsley is full of vitamin D, vitamin A, all of your good oil soluble vitamins, in a vegetable base.

Now, dogs and cats, when they need those kind of nutrients, you'll see them just chewing on the grass and spit out the pulp. They take the juice and it's just a minute amount. They probably need 10, 12 drops, if that, that's all they need. We are much more toxic, so we need a greater amount to balance our systems. Dogs and cats haven't been eating canned foods for 60 years, it's just been since World War II since dog food was available and cat food was available in canned foods, and it's very toxic.

So, those animals are much healthier than we are, even though they may have been fed cooked discards from table scraps. So, they haven't been eating a lot of cooked foods for very long. And if they were farm animals, which most of them were, not many people had house pets, unless they were rich as guard dogs or whatever, but still even in England, they fed 'em raw meat.

And then with World War II and canned foods, the pet industry came out with all this cooked food and crap kibble, which is absolutely no nutrients for an animal. So, what happens? Animals are dying at 9 and 12 years old, dogs and cats should be living 22 to 28 years. Cut their life in half, even more than half.

So, take a look at that. Anyway, dogs and cats are a little bit healthier. So, we need more of those nutrients from the very green leaves like parsley, the vitamin E the vitamin A the vitamin D and all of that.

But in micro amounts compared to people taking bottles of vitamins, which are all chemical, and they're all rock, they're for plants. They'll help plants grow, but they're not gonna help us. They'll make you toxic enough to where your adrenaline will pump and you think you've got energy, but it's toxic, you can take cocaine the same way. You'll get energy from cocaine. Is it healthy? No, toxic.

(#2) [5% Cilantro]

So, 10% parsley is a good, if you have heavy metals in the body, most people do, about 5% cilantro. If you don't like the flavor of cilantro and it makes you repulsed, that means you've got a lot of nasty metals in your body, mostly in your stomach. So, maybe 2% cilantro, try to get some in there, start pulling it out and you eat a lot of cheese if you have that reaction throughout the day.

In fact, most people should be eating a little bit of cheese all throughout to absorb those toxins that are always in the linings of your stomach or intestines or dumping into those tissues into your food, cuz you don't want your food to be contaminated, and then you reabsorb those poisons. The cheese will help move it through. If you get nauseous with certain meals, always eat cheese before that meal, 10 minutes before. If you still get nauseous, you grate some cheese and have it with that meat meal or that meal, whichever it is that causes you nausea.

(#3) [10% - 20% Carrot]

10% to 25% carrot.

(#4) [10% - 20% Celery]

10 to 20% celery. It could even be up to 25% celery.

(#5) [Rest Cucumber Puree]

And the rest cucumber puree. Always peel the cucumbers, slice them, put them in a jar, pour your vegetables in there, your juices from the vegetables, you just blend it. Then you have got the pulp.

Now, the reason I changed that was after all the years of watching people on the diet, about 20% started having connective tissue problems and going into MS or lupus and both of 'em have disintegration of the connective tissue. So. we weren't getting enough collagen precursors to replace the collagen cause this diet, you're not eating enough fruit to get enough collagen. Cucumber is a fruit, a low carb fruit, so we can have a lot of it, and it isn't so high in certain kinds of alkalinity that will imbalance the body so much. So, you have cucumber puree instead of cucumber juice.


Can you eat whole cucumbers?


Yeah, you can eat the whole ones, but I would always peel them unless you grew them yourself. Because even the organic ones, they have 15% petroleum oil, motor oil in that wax.

[Attendee #2]

When I switched to the carrot, I started gaining a lot of weight and I already was at my maximum weight and didn't wanna gain anymore.

So, any recommendations about that? Just stay with the 10% or something?


Yeah, just cut it down to 10%.

[Attendee #2]

Because I really noticed the juice was the only major change I made and I, all of a sudden started gaining a lot of weight.


That could have been coincidental.

[Attendee #2]

You don't think it's the sugar?


Could have been coincidental. I'm not saying it isn't, but I'm saying could have been coincidental.

[Attendee #2]

What about the sugar? Cause also when I cut down on the honey and you know, cuz my body before used to crave a ton of sugar, and so I just didn't know if it was carrot because that's supposed to be higher in sugar.


It's unlikely, but not impossible. You could be one of those people who has that effect, but you have to discover and see, okay. Were you very skinny throughout your life?

[Attendee #2]

Yeah, I was skinny my whole life, until I came to you.


What I do with skinny people. I give them a lot of carrot juice because they haven't had the fats to bind with poisons.

So, the body has usually taken bile and surrounded the toxin. Now, bile is to fractionate, fats so that you can make cholesterols to do three major things in the body: protect it, clean it, and for energy. People who've been very thin all their lives have all these toxins in there with bile, which makes very caustic reactions in the system. Everything is exaggerated and extreme, carrot juice helps bind and pull out that bile, and that may cause tremendous weight gain, not directly due because of the sugars in the carrot juice, but because of the toxic bile and the body says, oh, I've gotta have a lot fat to handle this.

(#6) [1 - 2 TBSP Per Quart Honey]

And honey is a fairly good preservative, so you can still put the honey in it. Some people hate honey with their vegetable juices, then don't use it.


How much honey?


I use about a tablespoon, 1.5 tablespoons, maximum of two table spoons per quart.

I don't think it's a good idea. When I've seen people doing it more, they start having heart palpitations and start getting the shakes. So, not a good idea.


So, basically what you've modified is how you add the cucumber and more carrot to the juice?




For those of us who are gaining weight right now-


On the weight gain.


Oh, carrot on the weight gain?


Well, I think you can just lower your carrot if you're on a weight loss program.


What's just the difference between mixing an egg with the juice versus eating them separate?

(#6) [Egg With Juice (optional)]


Okay. When you have egg with the juice, sometimes people's bodies are starving for vegetable juice and they're highly acidic. Sometimes it can cause detoxification, and if it has a detoxification and you're having juice first thing in the morning without an egg in it, without the protein, and fat's already liquified ready to bind with those toxins, you could cause yourself a bad day. It's like having a bad hair day, only it's a bad mood day.

So, I suggest for a lot of people to have an egg in their vegetable juice. If you're fat, no need for an egg. You've already got it readily available and you're not fat enough.


What is the difference between mixing the egg in the juice and eating the egg first, then the juice?


Well, you're not mixing it, so some's gonna get past the egg. Your body works in layers, if you eat one food after another, your body will actually make a layer with a mucus to seal them off. So, it will digest in layers.

You mix 'em together, you can't layer it like that. Of course, layering usually is a better digestion. but if you're working on my program for remedy purposes, you have to have mixes together or else it won't happen.

[Attendee #2]

So, is that one egg per the eight ounces that you drink?


Yes. Well, it doesn't matter if you're having 4 ounces, 12 ounces, it's usually one egg, unless you're a large person, there's only two people that see here that put two eggs in. But you've got enough weight, so I wouldn't worry about the egg in your juice, but this gentleman back there, I would say two eggs in his. He looked pretty tall there too, so I might say two eggs for your juice.

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