Fat Sources Ranked


This article talks about the top 10 best sources of fat in order. Typically animal fats are going to rank higher on this list because they are more stabilizing and nourishing. Don't get me wrong. Some plant fats like coconut cream, avocado, and olive oil are good for detox and coconut cream is somewhat nourishing, but they are not going to build your body. Without further ado, lets get into the list...


(1) Butter


I ranked butter as #1 because it's the most nutrient dense, easiest to digest fat in my opinion. High in saturated fat and it also contains 8% medium-chain-triglycerides (MCT's) believe it or not. This makes them one of the best sources of concentrated energy.

One tablespoon contains...

  • Calories: 102

  • Protein: Less than 1 gram

  • Fat: 12 grams

  • Carbohydrates: Less than 1 gram

  • Fiber: Less than 1 gram

  • Sugar: Less than 1 gram

Nutrients contained include...

  • Vitamin K

  • Omega-3 fatty acids

  • Conjugated linoleic acid

  • Butyrate

  • Saturated fats

Weight gain

Butter is the best food for weight gain. When you consume protein it turns into pyruvate (protein sugar), which burns the fat off of your body. This is great for energy, but it is also why a lot of carnivore dieters are so skinny. You can either have a lubrication formula with your meat meal or eat at least 1/2 a cup - 3/4 of a cup of butter with each meat meal (for large people).

Lipase Raw milk contains an enzyme called lipase which aids in the digestion of fats. Therefore, butter contains lipase in larger amounts to digest the majority of the fat for you. How great is that? You don't even have to work to digest it, so it is much easier to consume in large amounts without much digestive stress. When you are eating other fat sources, they might not digest as well, which could cause bloating or diarrhea.

(2) Cream


Calms the nervous system

Cream is very helpful to relax the nervous system. if you're wired, you know, bent out of shape, upset. Cream is the thing to take. Less butter, more cream.

Hard to digest

Cream does also contain lipase, but it is the hardest fat to digest, it's the most complex. It requires almost 60 varieties of cholesterol produced by the liver to digest it, but it makes 30 varieties of cholesterol, the only place that we can make them from is the raw cream to feed the brain and the nervous system.

So, raw cream is a very important substance to have, but don't have it with your meat, unless you've already soured it, predigested it.

You can to a meat meal, you can add sour cream, but mostly eat butter with meat.

The reason I put it here is because it's so beneficial, that it outweighs the digestive capabilities and you can ferment it into sour cream to predigest it as well.

(3) Eggs


Easiest food to digest

Eggs digest in 23 minutes. All that protein and fats are available instantly with very little digestion.

If you are having problems with digestion when gaining weight, three to five days a month do nothing but eggs all day long and milk before you go to bed and milk at night. Give your intestines an entire break from meats, from digesting, and it'll also heal them from the outside in.


They are a quick source of energy from the easily digested proteins and fats. Although, you won't be able to get complete mental clarity from eggs alone. You can consume them first thing in the morning for some quick protein, then you have your vegetable juice, then you can have a few more eggs if you are feeling acidic or you can go right to your meat meal. Then you can consume them throughout the day/afternoon alone and/or with milkshakes.

Quality is vital

Eggs have the potential to be one of the healthiest foods. They are a source of omega-3s, fat soluble vitamins, collagen, protein and are easy to digest. Although, many eggs are suboptimal quality.

You may try to look for organic eggs, but those are actually not good quality. They are fed a diet mainly of soy. Raw soy will kill a human and will kill birds. So, they have to treat the soy before they feed it. So, it doesn't matter that the soybean was raised organically. Once it's treated with a solvent. It is a chemical. It is no longer organic.

Additionally, the feeds contain many toxic compounds, such as soy, seeds oils, fish meal (heavy metals and mercury), antibiotics, herbicide and pesticide laden grains and toxic synthetic supplements.

So, the reason you may be reacting poorly or having allergic reactions to eggs isn't because eggs are unhealthy, it's because they are poorly fed.

What eggs to buy

You need to find a farmer or convince a farmer to do soy free chicken, preferably they can make their own feed or buy a custom feed that is soy free at least. For protein they should be free ranging in the warmer months eating lots of bugs. In the winter/summer they can feed mealworms for extra protein and also raw meat scraps. Chickens are omnivores, so it is important to give them a good protein source or they will eat each other.

chicken feed

One egg contains...

  • Calories: 78

  • Fat: 5 grams

  • Protein: 6 grams

  • Carbohydrates 0.6 grams

Link to vitamins


  • Vitamin A: 8% (400 IU)

  • Vitamin D: 4% (16 IU)

  • Vitamin E: 6% (1.2 mg)

  • Riboflavin (B2): 14% (0.2 mg)

  • Vitamin (B6): 4% (0.1 mg)

  • Folate (B9): 6% (24 mg)

  • Vitamin B12: 11% (0.7mg)

  • Pantothenic Acid (B5): 7% (0.7mg)


  • Calcium: 3% (30.0mg)

  • Iron: 5% (0.9mg)

  • Magnesium: 8.0mg (2%)

  • Phosphorus: 100mg (10%)

  • Potassium: 70.0mg (2%)

  • Sodium: 70.0mg (3%)

  • Zinc: 0.6mg (4%)

  • Copper: 0.1mg (3%)

  • Manganese: 0.0mg (1%)

  • Selenium: 16.1mcg (23%)

(4) Glands/Organs


Glands/organs like brain, testicles, and pancreas seem to be the highest in fat. This isn’t the only thing that makes them so special.

If you have a problem with any gland in your body you can eat that same gland from an animal.Ex. If you are having liver problems you can eat the liver (beef, chicken, etc. Doesn’t matter but go for high quality) of that animal. Or if you are having issues with your brain or want to get smarter then you can eat animal brain.

Bone marrow to increase efficiency

If you eat the bone marrow with liver, does it help reproduce more liver cells? Yes, it does. Whatever adult stem cells you have, when you have the bone marrow with whatever meat that is, it's going to help that particular part of your body. So, if it's muscle you want you can put on more muscle and you don't necessarily necessarily have to work out if you've been on it as long as I have.

Are organs more nutrient dense?

There's a big philosophy about that. There are groups out there that say eating organs and glands are much more concentrated in nutrients. Not necessarily, it will help the like glands and organs in your body because there are like substances that are produced.

So, it would help those particular cells, and if you have a problem there, that will be more helpful for you to eat. Let's say you have intestinal problems so eating healthy tribe from an animal would help your intestines correct more efficiently and quicker.

But if you're talking about restoring muscle tissue by eating liver, that's not proven.

Yeah, but that's to manufacture hormones. It doesn't mean you're going to be able to utilize it in your body for other processes. Cause once you've got a chemical lock in a bridge, it's hard to unlock it with our poor system.

Now let's say the Messiah, the Samburu or the Fulani or the Inuit. Now they may be able to make use of all that very well, but your digestive track isn't. Nobody in this society will digest that well enough to be able to disassemble that and fragment it into some other part of the body. That's the whole problem.

Cheese, you can do it. Cheese and honey together. You can remineralize the body quicker than anything else. I've seen lots of those people who eat nothing but glands and organs and never eat muscle meat, and they're manic, they're illogical and they're skinny as hell. So, they haven't proved to me that it's more efficient, that it's healthier, or that it's better.

Give me a person who's fat and relaxed, and I'll take that them any day as evidence.


You must eat glands from organic animals only is what Aajonus has said. He has also said bone marrow must be hormone and antibiotic free, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be organic but I wouldn’t consider bone marrow a gland. He wouldn’t eat organs like liver from a non-organic animal, but you can. Also, avoid organs and glands from soy-fed animals.

(5) Bone Marrow

Bone marrow is a great food because it is pure fat, reasonably easy to digest when it is soft and it actually contains stem cells. These stem cells can replicate any cell in your body. All animal flesh contains adult stem cells, but bone marrow contains non specific stem cells, which can be used to regenerate any cell in the body. For example, if you want to replicate your liver cells you can eat bone marrow with liver. And that works for any glands or if you want to gain muscle then you can eat bone marrow with muscle meat.

Does it need to be organic?

Now, it doesn't have to be totally organic, but it should not have any hormones or antibiotics.

The reason it's important is because a lot of the toxins store in the fat tissue, and bone marrow and brain is mainly fat. So, if the animal is toxic then all of those toxins will store in the bone marrow and you will ingest them.

Skin Health

The only three places we can find good stem cells that will work are from bone marrow, sperm and ovum. Very difficult to farm ovum. Anybody want to volunteer? And most of the sperm is not coming from real healthy men, but it still works,, but the bone marrow coming from an organic animal is terrific, phenomenal.

the face shrivels up faster on everybody is because of the heavy metals. Most of the metallic minerals go to the brain and nervous system cuz the brain nervous system use most of the metallic minerals to conduct electricity and transfer light. So, we have most of the metallic poisons are free radicals in the brain, when they dump: they dump out the gums of the tongue, the salivary glands, and that draws the fats out of the face, so the face shrivels.

So, even though she filled up and wasn't dry anywhere else, she never had enough to refill her face. Been on the diet probably 7 years, maybe 8. I suggested that she'd be one of my Guinea pigs and use bone marrow on her face, in three months, almost all the dryness was gone.

85% of her wrinkles were gone in three months.

I believe the stem cells are destroyed when the bones are frozen, but I can't confirm so it's best to get fresh, unfrozen bone marrow.

(6) Animal Fat

Animal Fat

Now, the reason I labeled this one animal fat and not beef fat in specific is because you can get it from any animal really.

This is a direct quote from Aajonus.

“ For those who cannot get butter or you run out of butter

A; I have clients all over the world who can’t get butter.

I say, even better than butter, get the fat on the meat. It’s already been assimilated through an animal’s body in a way that constitutes it into tissue.

Butter’s a little different, the calf has to take it and deal with it, then make it into fat within their body.

They feel healthier, it’s easier to digest than the butter or the cheese and works a lot quicker.

Q: Don’t the toxins go into the fat? A: The fat still passes through.

Q: It’s like the fat is protecting you.

A: Right. So I eat fat with everything.

When I get raw cream, I go through a tremendous amount,16 oz a day.

Still have a little butter, 1 half stick a day, or avocado, very fatty meats. If I don’t have the cream, I have almost a pound of butter a day.

Q: what about pressed oils? A: They’re great solvent makers. But they won’t stabilize or make you strong. 99% is made into solvents. remember that, if you want to detox all the time, eat those oils often. If you want to stabilize and get well, stay away from those oils. Do more of the animal fats. Everything can be mixed with raw honey, unheated honey. As long as it doesn’t go above 104.”


It seems to digest reasonably well, which it should because it's literally just the fat off of beef, which is completely natural to consume. Now, it doesn't have any digestive enzymes like dairy does to help digest it, so it can still cause digestive issues if overeaten.


It is a great concentrated energy source. When I eat it I get tons of energy for the whole day, I have complete mental clarity and no fatigue whatsoever. Although, it isn't quite as calming and healing as raw butter or dairy fat I suspect. But if you are drinking straight milk/cream and getting too tired to function, then it may be a good alternative.

Beef Fat

Beef fat is your best option for this because it is typically fed the best. If it is 100% grass fed & finished you don't have to worry about the high omega-6 from grains or pesticides and herbicides from grains. Although, sometimes it is simply labeled as grass fed, not necessarily grass finished so you have to watch out for that.

Grass-fed cows are also called “conventional cows.” They begin their lives by drinking their mother’s milk and eating grass. By eight months, or as soon as they are weaned off their mother’s milk, they move to feeding lots. In feeding lots, they receive a supplemental diet of grain byproducts, corn, protein supplements, soy, and sometimes even beef tallow from neighboring slaughterhouses (which is essentially mass cattle cannibalization) to help them quickly gain weight and produce more meat.

As we said earlier, there are no strict rules regarding grass-fed labeling. That means there’s room for companies to abuse the grass-fed label. Cows that did not have a complete grass-fed diet can still receive a “grass-fed” description, which is misleading to customers. And, just because a product is labeled grass-fed does not mean it was also pasture-raised. Many grass-fed products come from cows who sit in feedlots their entire lives.

In the end, almost all cows are fed some grass at some point in their lives, but the grass-fed label is so loose it doesn’t mean much more than calling a vegetable “all-natural”.

Additionally, grass fed doesn't mean it was eating fresh grass. it could be eating dried hay, which is less nutrition and it could be sprayed with atrazine or other herbicides or pesticides. Furthermore, the main reason that grains are so bad is because they are often sprayed with these toxic herbicides and pesticides if they aren't organic. If you can get organic beef that is also fine. I have found some farmers that I trust to get my grass fed beef fat with no pesticides, or herbicides and 100% grass fed/finished.

Sheep and seal fat

The lanolin in sheep fat is very heavy. It's not like seal. Seal is so rich that you can eat just a little bit of seal and be stuffed for the whole day.

You could get a third of that compared to what you could eat a beef, you get a third of a pound compared to a whole pound of beef and it's very filling and fulfilling. So, sheep is the same way. The meat itself isn't, but the fat is very rich and very concentrated.

Chicken and pork fat

You have to be really careful with these fats because chicken/pork are some of the worst fed animals. If they are organic/soy free then by all means go crazy. I still wouldn't recommend eating fatty duck if it's not close to wild raised (which it won't be super fatty). I also wouldn't buy chicken fat to eat because of the high omega-6 ratio and it's typically fed poor quality feed even if organic. Even organic pasture raised pork has high omega 6 ratios and I personally wouldn't go crazy on the pork fat, unless it's wild raised and very good quality.

omega 6

(7) Coconut Cream

Coconut Cream

How much and what to mix with

Coconut cream is very detoxifying. So, I usually say no more than five ounces a day for somebody your size. [not sure his/her size].

Another example of amount given per day...

I would recommend six ounces a day. You're 6' 4''. Yeah. You could have more, you could probably have up to eight ounces a day.

You must mix coconut cream with an animal fat in a ratio of 2 (animal fat) - 1 (coconut cream). 2 - 1.


The purpose of coconut cream is mainly for detoxification.

The only thing I've known to remove the mercury or aluminum is to eat berries. If it's, mercury, you have to use dark berries, if it's aluminum, you have to use raspberries. Combination of both of them with coconut cream and some honey, and maybe a little bit of butter and a little bit of dairy cream to help flush it out of the system.

Cream vs oil

Coconut cream is not the same. The coconut cream soothes the tissue, coconut cream and coconut oil are very different.

Coconut cream is soothing and healing as well as detoxifying.

Coconut oil, and all of your pressed oils are mainly solvent reactive.

They mainly help degenerate, dissolve toxicity in the system, so they can help break down the fungus easier. However, the coconut cream might feed it.

Coconut cream has both water soluble and oil soluble vitamins and minerals and enzymes.

Coconut oil only has oil soluble vitamins, and minerals, and doesn't have any protein.

Your coconut cream has everything in it. It's a complete food: 80% fat, 15% protein, 5% carbs.

What is the perfect fuel to burn for man to give the greatest amount of energy, and endurance?

80% fat, 15% protein, 5% carbohydrate in the citric acid cycle. And that doesn't come from carbs, it comes from fat.

Stabilizing or detoxifying?

Coconut cream can substitute for dairy cream and butter, 15 to 20% only, but it is mainly solvent oriented.

(8) Olive oil

Cold Pressed Oils

Side effects

With flax oil, walnut oil or other oils like that you have to be really careful because they are vegetable oils. Vegetable oils, even if raw will harden in the body if overconsumed. That is why you have maybe two ounces of olive oil or flax oil or coconut oil, fermented coconut oil, maybe six ounces a week, seven ounces at the most.

Olive oil is a fruit oil. It's a good solvent and it will not harden. That is why olive oil is a bit safer, but coconut cream is even safer because it is more nourishing and will cause less side effects. It also has water soluble vitamins, which olive oil does not.

If you're eating a combination of like one tablespoon of flax oil or olive oil with some coconut cream, that's a better type of solvent to remove that.

Or you could have it with avocado, a tablespoon of flax oil or olive oil with avocado. That's a fairly good cleanser. Coconut cream is always your best, cuz the coconut cream, like the avocado, has water soluble fats and vitamins as well as the oil soluble.

In your olive oil and flax oil. it's only your oil soluble fats and vitamin. So, it's a very restricted solvent that can be produced for that.

Temperature & Quality

The olive oils that I have been using have been either stone-pressed or cold-pressed bellow 80° Fahrenheit. I do not know if the virtues that I have stated throughout the remedy section would diminish if the olive oils were cold-pressed above 80° Fahrenheit yet below 96° Fahrenheit. I do know that the virtues diminish if heated above 96° Fahrenheit. The body uses olive oil to cleanse blood and vitalize lungs, soften and then dissolve scar tissue. Eating citrus fruit or tomato with or immediately after olive oil helps digest olive oil.


The end

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