Soy Fed Chicken





Well, no. Rosie is a terrible chicken. Rocky Junior.

Rosie feeds theirs 75% to 80% soy. Soy has to be cooked and processed. Raw soy will kill a human and will kill birds. So, they have to treat the soy before they feed it. So, it doesn't matter that the soybean was raised organically. Once it's treated with a solvent. It is a chemical. It is no longer organic.

So, it is a lie, it's misrepresented. It's miss advertising. Rosie organic is not organic.

Rocky Junior, the[Kathyy feed theirs 75-80% raw corn. The rest of it is soy, but I can't get them to stop feeding them soy.


They're feeding them a certain amount of soy?


Soy, but it's a small amount compared to Rosie or any other chickens. Sheldon does the same thing.


What about James' chicken, is that alright?


James gets Rocky.


Why do they feed them soy?


Soy's an easy protein, fatten them up, build the muscle.


It's not gonna bother you if you get that 20% in you?


Your body can handle it. If it's eating enough fat.

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