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I'm eating about a container and a half of red meat, and I was having it twice a day, but to gain the weight- 


You have to have lots of fat with your meat if you want to gain weight, otherwise you just gonna burn it. 

Let me give you an example. I have a fellow who's on the diet's, been on the diet for 2 years, maybe a little over 2 years. And he decided, he's doing well on the diet now, he was very thin before and gained about 40 pounds. He's about 6' 2'', and he just decided he was ready to move to the next level. 

So, he said, "I'd like to work out. I'd like the bodybuild. Is there something I can do?" And I said, "Well, have a lubrication formula every time you eat meat or an equal amount of butter and some kind of sauce". So, at least 1/2 a cup - 3/4 of a cup of butter with each meat meal, this is a big guy. 

In two and a half months, he put 6 inches on his chest and 4 inches on his arms and everybody accused him of using steroids. So, you just have to add a lot of fat. It has to be a lot of fat if you want build.  


I like the lube formula. 


You can have as many as you like, just every time you eat meat have one, and then you put on more weight. How long, how many pounds have you put on? You put on what, about 7, 10? 


Yeah, that's it. 

[Attendee #2] 

Is it okay to have a lube formula whenever you feel hungry too?  


No, well, it's good to have it once a day by itself if you want, but it's always good to have more protein. 

You know, if you're gonna have lots of lube formulas you need lots of protein. 

[Attendee #2] 

So, that could detox? 


It's just like anything. If you have more carbohydrate or fats than you do protein, you're gonna become protein deficient. If you have too many carbohydrates, you're going to de mineralize yourself. 

You'll have tooth problems, bone problems, and just neurological pain. Everything will increase that's painful will be exaggerated, increased. And if you eat lots of fat, you'll feel better and all that, but you're not gonna put on massive muscle. You're not gonna put on muscle mass. 

You'll put on fat mass, which is good because it will protect you, and it binds. All people who are fat, it's completely opposite from the medical profession. All people who are fat are healthier than people who are thin, cuz people who are fat have storages of fat that bind with the poisons that are in their systems. People who are thin, those poisons get into the tissue and damage the tissue. 

And I used to think just the opposite, especially when I was a vegetarian. Anybody who was fat was unhealthier than anybody who was bone thin. And then when I started doing laboratory experiments and tests, I found that the tissue in people who were thin was highly contaminated. They would injury easier, they were unhappier, they were more irritable. There were all kinds of side effects. Whereas the person who was fat usually had very few problems because they had the fat to down with the toxins. 

[Attendee #2] 

Fat and happy.  


Fat and happy. yeah. So, I started getting fat as soon as I realized that.  

Of course, I can't get very fat. 

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