All Shampoos Are Toxic

For some reason, if you put the raw egg on your hair, whipped eggs, so the yellow, and white are mixed together. If you put that on while your hair is wet, it won't smell like egg for some reason.


Body Odor

[Attendee #2]Isn't it the meat that makes it- when I was on macrobiotics, it was like a little baby, there was never any smell. 


Butter Makes Hair Grow Faster


So, I was thinking, I don't know if it's because it called forth- cuz the body gets rid of a lot of toxic minerals by building them into hair. So, I didn't know if it was a result of all those injections, the toxic minerals going to the hair to be built and the butter allowing that process to happen, or it actually was helping the hair grow.


Coconut Cream For Soap and Egg For Shampoo


80 years ago, 90% of all soaps were made with coconut cream.


Coconut Oil In Hair

[2005][Aajonus]The coconut oil. If you're going to put it on your scalp, you wanna put it on like your palm or on a plate, just a very thin layer. Put it on, separate your hair and go like this and put it all on your scalp.  You get your hair too oily; it may look cool... 


Commercial Moisturizers, Cooked Food


Are they're not allowed to make them raw anymore?[Aajonus]


Eggs As Shampoo

For some reason, if you put the egg on raw egg on your hair, whipped egg so yellow and the white mixed together. So, you put that on when it's wet your hair doesn't smell like egg for some reason.



Is it okay for eyeliner... [Aajonus]What I suggest people do is take blueberry or some berry, press it and just take a paint brush and paint it on, it will stain. 


Hair Gel - Egg White and Coconut Cream

Well, coconut cream is better to use as a gel, coconut cream is great. If you want it stiffer, jsut put a tiny bit of honey, put a drop of honey per two tablespoons of coconut cream, it will get firmer.  


Laundry Detergent and Paint

*Laughs*[Attendee]What about water-based paint?  [Aajonus]


Lipstick Made From Cockroaches


So, they would kill somewhere around 60 million cockroaches a year for their fluid, and then they put dyes in it to make it color. That's what lipstick was made of, that was 60 to 70% of the ingredients of lipstick. Now it's all chemical.


More Periods

We have the fertilization period.  Menstruation that follows 12-15 days later.  


Never Use Skin Brush

[Attendee]Red meat.[Aajonus]There are some people that can eat the diet without red meat. I wouldn't say that they do as well, but they can function fine. If they have a high adrenaline count, if it's men a high testosterone and a high thyroid.


Oil On Face Before Sleep


Same thing, callous you put straight vinegar on. [Attendee]


People Used To Use Coconut Oil As A Soap

A natural substance, too expensive to grow the coconuts, to have them picked from the palms and then process, and then Shipp from other countries to here.  


Protein Makes Hair Grow Fast


The lubrication formula works for hair. Protein makes hair grow fast. If I eat a pound/ pound and a quarter of meat a day, my hair grows an inch or more a month.



[Aajonus]I have the egg, the vegetable juice, the honey, and the milk. I don't wet my hair first.  


Shea Butter Is Processed

[Aajonus]Well, they usually pasteurize it and then they steam it in some circumstances and then they spin it to get the fluid out of it, so it will cake.


Soaps Were Made From Coconut and Lye

If you can get them naturally made. It's coconut cream, not coconut oil, coconut cream mixed with lye. That's how they used to make soap. Put lye in like you do with the cement, that hardens the fat, dries it out. Then when it gets wet, it acts as a soap and the lie will even help do that, but you just have to know to keep the lye down at a very minimal level, just enough to dry the coconut cream, so it will harden. 


What Aajonus Washes Face With


Three, four days. It'll have a bad odor. It'll go through a period of a foul odor. It's not real foul, but a foul odor. After about 9 to 10 days goes back to coconut odor again.


What Prevents Graying Hair

[Aajonus]The ability for the follicle to use para hydroxybenzoic acid, which is a B vitamin, which controls pigmentation. When the body can no longer utilize para hydroxybenzoic acid or that you're not eating it, then your hair will turn colors if heavy metals get into the follicle.


What To Use As Soap

Umm, I use... it depends. If I use coconut cream and water, I just use a washcloth.  

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