Eggs Importance


Eggs are a vital part of the Raw Primal Diet. They are high in easily digestible protein + fats, very nutrient dense with a wide array of nutrients.

They can be eaten alone as a quick energy source or mixed with other foods like milkshakes or mixed with honey and cream for one of the best weight gainers.

They also are very strong detoxifiers and can clean out the cells of the body.

One thing to note is they will not provide amazing mental clarity on their own. Now, they are great for mental clarity, and quick energy because they digest in only 23 - 27 minutes, so all that protein and fat is instantly utilizable.

But you will still be lacking some clarity and thoughts if you only eat eggs without any meat that day.

Additionally, they won’t replicate new cells to make you younger or more youthful and they will not build solid muscle. Although, they will heal damaged cells in the body.


Eggs Are The Easiest Food To Digest

Eggs digest in 27 minutes, only takes 3 - 5 inches of the intestine to absorb, completely digest and absorb eggs, so you get all this fat protein with very little energy expense on digestion. So, you get to reserve all of your intestinal tract and you reserve the energy absorbing, digesting and assimilating all the eggs.

Eggs Alone Vs Mixing Eggs In A Milkshake

You can put on lots of weight that way. See it takes milk 6 - 10 hours to digest. So once you put it into the milk, it slows everything down. I make sure I digest it within 27 minutes because I will break the egg and I suck out the egg white, I dent the end without putting a hole in it, the fatter end and then the narrow end, I'll punch the hole in it and I'll hold it down like this and I'll suck it gently. Only the egg white comes out first and then the egg whites digests very rapidly cuz it isn't fat. You're have to have the bile, takes longer for bile of work on it.

Weight Loss With Just Eggs

Nobody's too fat here. You can eat eggs to lose weight quickly lots of eggs without doing the meat, but you'll always reduce the size of your liver and everything and your pancreas if you don't eat the meat and you're just eating eggs. So, it's good to eat the small amounts of meat like I suggest in the weight loss program in the book.

You need that fat to keep warm, you need to be stable. So, you're gonna lose a lot of weight, you should do it in the summertime. Like I said, eggs are full of protein and fats, digest very rapidly. They can help you lose weight quickly, both water and fat weight. Don't take advantage of it though, don't get too thin.

How To Gain Weight With Eggs

Raw cream, raw eggs, and honey. Very simple.

So, you could probably use four eggs, four ounces of cream and a tablespoon or two of honey.

Eat Eggs If You Have Digestion Issues

She has no mucus lining in her stomach. So, anything that goes in their hydrochloric acid starts eating away at her stomach lining. She needs to spend a month eating nothing but about 30 eggs a day. So, she could have 25 to 28 eggs a day. Just stick with eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, all day long and for about 22 to 30 days. That should coat and redo the lining of the stomach.

She's going to have some nausea because of it. It's still with the eggs, the eggs will prep the stomach to handle it and the other thing she could eat is fresh colostrum, but not refrigerated at room temperature and it's best if she leaves it out for 24 hours.

Yeah, but sometimes when you can't digest, you have to just eat a lot of eggs by themselves. Like I say, for me, maybe 22 eggs a day, I lose weight. If I eat 24 a day, I don't lose weight, but I force my body to heal and to cleanse and heal rapidly and only focus on that, so then I can go back to eating meat and I can digest it. So, when you have a situation like that, he needs to eat as much eggs, so he doesn't lose weight, maybe even gains a little bit if he eats enough of them till he can digest his meats properly.

Need to have cream or milk if eating eggs alone

Usually when you're having eggs, you're gonna get very dry, the body starts using a tremendous amount of H20 with it. So, you may need to just sip on like a tablespoon of milk every 20 minutes, just to keep hydrated and coconut cream on the lips. Little bit of honey with coconut cream on the lips and on the tongue, just to keep moisturized.

And remember it's not mainly the H2O that causes dry mouth. The poisons leave the brain out the gums, the tongue and the salivary glands just pulls all the fats in the face. That's why all people who eat cooked foods get wrinkled in the face before they wrinkle anywhere else, because all the fats are being pulled out of the face to bind with all the metals that are in the brain.

Eggs For Mental Clarity, But You Need Meat

Raw eggs and raw fish and raw chicken.

Those are what I used to keep on, and in a pinch an egg will do it. But I could eat eggs all day long and without eating any fish or, or beef or any kind of flesh food, and then I would find that I still had more difficulty recalling.

Soy Fed Eggs and What To Feed Chickens

Mostly they're grown with soy and they'll say organic. Soy cannot be given to chickens raw, so they have to chemically treat it with a kerosene derivative and heat treat it. So, anytime a chicken is fed soy, it has to be processed.

So, all of the organic, now I've gone to, like Rosie says all organic, they feed their 75% - 80% soy. And I called them up and I said, "You can't do that. Soy raw will kill a chicken. So, you've had to have treated it".

"Yeah, but the soy was grown organically".

"I don't care. It's no longer organic when you're feeding it to the chickens".

"Well, the FDA lets us call it that". That was their answer. This is Rosie Organic Chicken, and let me tell you, I've been to about every chicken place around and they all feed them the same garbage feeds. Only place I can find where they don't do that is in Amish and Mennonite Farms and where I get ours now and I've been trying to get James to just get our Amish farmers because they supply everything else. Give us their eggs and chickens too. The chickens are gonna be tougher. You know, they're eating organically wild food.

And what I do is I said, I don't want the chickens to have a lot of grains because chickens in the wild don't eat a lot of grains. They eat a lot of bugs, grass hoppers, they eat a lot of meat. They're scavengers, if they find a dead animal. They'll pick it to pieces and the bugs that are eating them. They love maggots.

So, what I'd like you to do is get a pallet after you butcher, throw all the remains on the pallet and let the chickens have whatever they want. And the chickens just feed on it every day. And these chickens, I don't know how many people have been around chickens. They peck each other, they're very annoyed with each other. They're not happy. Those chickens will walk around like cats and rub you up against the ankles and legs. When they feed them the way I want them to with the raw meats, the meat scraps and the maggots and stuff.

And they also feed them some grains, some peas that are organically grown, that they grow themselves. So, they'll crush those up and then they take some grains that they grow and they'll soak it in whey and the whey germinates it. So, they're sprouted in whey. So, these chickens get these sprouted in whey grains, raw milk, and then all this meat and they are the most beautiful chickens. Lay the best eggs in the world, it's phenomenal.

You just can't get those, your big markets, your big chicken houses, your people who make them and produce them for your big stores, they're all big marketing houses with very poor grade feed. None of it’s organic.

Eggs Won’t Regenerate Cells

Eggs won't do it. Eggs will help those cells that are already alive become healthier, but if you want to help cells increase.

If you wanna help cellular division speed and increase, you have to eat meats.

Detox & Eggs Pull Poisons To The Stomach

You've seen those old labels, and remember when we were kids, it said if you swallow this poison, swallow an egg and induce vomiting.

Because eggs are great to pull poisons to the stomach like milk is, but eggs is pretty profound in doing it and it will cause you to vomit, but once you vomited, you got rid of it and then you can keep down the eggs, but you've gotta let yourself vomit if it's trying to.

But usually, you only vomit like once and then you'll be able to eat for days, eat a lot of eggs, but vomiting is the quickest way to get rid of poisons.

Sometimes eggs will absorb it to an extent, but not like cheese will. Sometimes the eggs if it's a toxin that has an alcohol involved with it. It'll create a gas with the eggs and it'll create more cramping and pain.

Cheese and butter, cheese and cream are the best, and then an egg following that, or lots of eggs throughout the day to just help handle those toxins that get into the blood and neurological fluid system in the lymphatic fluids system.

Eggs Whites Biotin (anti nutrients)

Binds with biotin in the test tube. It doesn't do it in the human body. Like I said, and it says it in the book, I address that under eggs. It says that the biotin mixes with avidin in to make to make a solvent, a cleanser of biocarbons. So, the more biocarbons you have, the more biotin and the more avidin you need bound together.

Biocarbons is when your body uses oxygen and utilizes your nutirent. Biocarbon are a carbon. You know, we don't really burn like a spark plug. We don't burn fats. We utilize them in a chemical change and it provides a certain amount of energy when we've used/exhausted that chemical structure of that fat, we've got biocarbons and those need to be eliminated.

They need to be neutralized and eliminated and that combination helps. See the problem is that Mercola and all the other scientists are not scientists. They're researchers. I have dealt with raw eggs extensively since 1976, and it is never created a biotin deficiency. Not one patient has ever gotten it after being on the diet.

They come to me with biotin deficiency. What could be addressed as biotin deficiency. Eat lots of the raw eggs with egg yolk and the egg white together, never have a deficiency. So, this is all theoretical. Mercola doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

He is new to this. He's only four years into this. He's even one of my patients and he's new to this. He doesn't know anything firsthand. So, whatever thinks looks good is what he adapts to, and he's lying about his research.

So, eat your egg together. Don't eat them alone. Cuz then biocarbons will remain in your body and you won't get well, look at Mercola. He doesn't do what I tell him to do. What happens? He gets skinnier and he's more he's so hyperactive, look at his video. I mean, he's just like this. When he went on my diet was staying on it heavily, he was calm, contemplative, thoughtful. He's just eating lots of fruit and he's doing all these super foods that will hyper him up and he's not rational anymore. He's not calm and collected. It's a shame.

Eat the white and the egg yolk together, because he suggests you eat them separately because of that biotin/avidin combination.


Eggs are one of my favorite foods on the Raw Primal Diet, except raw butter and milk of course.

They contain a wide array of nutrients.

One cup contains…

  • Vitamin A 24% DV

  • Vitamin D 21% DV

  • Vitamin E 12% DV

  • Thiamin 11% DV

  • Riboflavin 68% DV

  • Vitamin B6 17% DV

  • Folate 29% DV

  • Vitamin B12 52% DV

  • Pantothenic Acid 35% DV

  • Choline 610 mg

  • Calcium 13% DV

  • Iron 25% DV

  • Magnesium 7% DV

  • Phosphorus 46% DV

  • Potassium 9% DV

  • Sodium 14% DV

  • Zinc 18% DV

  • Copper 12% DV

  • Manganese 5% DV

  • Selenium 110% DV

They can be used for weight loss because they are burned so quickly as energy that it is nearly impossible to gain weight with raw eggs. Additionally, they require so little digestion that your body can start to burn your own body fat. Keep in mind if you use this method your vital organs like liver, pancreas, etc will shrink in size so it is typically recommended to eat small golf ball sized amounts of meat throughout the day. You can find the weight loss article here. Weight Loss Article.

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