[Attendee]Well, people say the same thing. I'm here to have fun. I'm going to eat cooked food. I'm not going to eat your raw food, I'd rather die. 


David Wolfe

No.[Kathy]Just straight vegetables and fruit?[Aajonus]


Do Vegetarians Need Vegetable Juice

[Aajonus]No, no, no, you still need- very acid.Just because he's a vegetarian, doesn't he turned alkaline. Because everything he ate burned up his system and he remained acid inside. He still needs vegetable juice.It will help alkalinize the blood. Now, if he was a raw food vegetarian strictly, and he had been on the more diabetic side. It would have been different, but he was on the acidic side with high adrenaline.


Gorillas Eat Meat - Fruitarians

[Attendees]*Laughs*[Aajonus]They go on a fruit binge. They'll eat all these fermented guavas or figs or overripe bananas, and they'll just binge for 24 hours, and then they'll go on a killing spree for 24 hours.  


Herbivores, Vegetarians, Vegetable Oils


It won't feel good on your stomach if you put oil on it?


Nails and Hair Stopped Growing - Mineral Deficiency and Soy


[Lewis]Does it matter what raw meats are eaten?[Aajonus]


Only 8 Vegans

Well, my birth certificate says 72, and I'm going to be 30 (years fruitarian) on Monday. 


Used To Go To Bathroom More - Vegetarians Not Digestin


[Attendee #2]Did you talk about it in that class?⁠No, because I didn't understand all of it at that time and now of course I give the lectures different. Eat the cheese that will absorb every hour, every 30 minutes, depending on how toxic the person lives. Eat a little piece of cheese, get a train of it going through to collect the poison sand that will prevent the toxins from lowering the bacterial levels.



Well, when you're a vegan you're eating lots of whole vegetables and that destroys your enzymes in your system. The bowels are normally acidic, in a vegetarian they're over alkaline. So, most of the bacteria is destroyed, that's why they usually have no bowel movements unless they're eating high fiber and if they stop eating high fiber and go on this diet, they usually have constipation quite a while. So, it depends upon the number of years that they've been vegetarian, but they will reduce their ability to digest more and more foods every year. 


Vegans Are Cold and Bugs Get You If You Eat Fruit

[Kathy]They put syrup? [Aajonus]Yeah. They wanna sell all the honey, so they feed 'em cheap syrup, which is a byproduct of manufacturing.  


Vegans Have No Energy

In other words, we throw away what we have? [Aajonus]


Vegetarian Lymph Congestion

I mean, there's a lot of numb people out there, like to feel something. I remember when I was an actor, my publicity agent was the head of MGMs publicity department. When he reached 75, he cut his hand really badly one time and I wanted to help him stop the pain and everything. 


Vegetarians Are Sick

[2006][Aajonus]Vegetarians. Some of were 70 years old, old hippies from the 60s, and that's almost about 60% to 70% of this community is old time hippies that have been vegetarians long term. We're talking 25, 35 years as vegetarians, sickest group of people I've seen, and another side to that is 50% of my cancer patients were long term vegetarian.


Vegetarians Don't Replicate Cells

So how about the Indian populations that have been predominantly vegetarian? 


Vegetarians Vs Primals


I've had a lot of them drink raw goats milk.[Aajonus]

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