What do you think, or have you ever encountered people who are breatharians? 


You know, the only person that I ever met that claimed to be a breatharian was caught at 7-11 with some kind of a hot dog or hamburger. In my death experience, when I talked about in my book, when I died on the heater, pizza on my shirt. When I was in that death experience, I saw that that's what we are when we're not in body, breatharians, because there is no eating. But when you're in human body, any kind of a body, you're there to experience the atmosphere to experience that whole three-dimensional, six-sense type of experience. Without eating you're not connected with it.  

While you're here in an animal body it's part of the enjoyment. So, I'm going to be a breatharian when I die, so why do I want to do it here, it's not the experience. To move toward that you may as well take a gun to your head, and you'll be there quickly. 


Well, people say the same thing. I'm here to have fun. I'm going to eat cooked food. I'm not going to eat your raw food, I'd rather die. 


Well, they are, they will. They're going to get diseased and die, which is fine. That's their experience. I'm not against it. If somebody wants to try to achieve breatharianism on this plane, I wouldn't stop them. 

That's their choice to explore that. I tried it. Oh yeah. I tried. 

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