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Skincare is not only very important on the Raw Primal Diet, but it’s valuable in general. It is the outer shell of how you look and many people will judge your health/you in general off of how you look.

This article will tell you what foods to eat to improve your skin; whether it be acne, dry skin, wrinkles, cellulite, etc. I’ve got you covered.

Also, it will dive into the causes of dry skin, what areas are affected most by detox and why do we we have dry skin in the first place?


What Causes Skin Problems

Whenever you have a skin disorder or problem, you've got a toxin leaving the body, 90% of them leave through the skin, unless you're having diarrhea or vomit. Then a high proportion will go there, but 90% of your everyday toxins leave through the skin. If you got toxins leaving through the skin, that's a good thing.

That's the time you just take care of the direct sores that you're having, and you treat them accordingly. You can use lime juice, coconut cream, the Primal Facial Body Care Cream, clay mixed with coconut cream. Keep it moist. That's what you want to help draw those poisons out, you don't wanna stop the poisons from drawing out.


You've got sores. Deal with them another way, but don't stop it. You take a steroid, it's a chemical What is a steroid? It's made with what? Trans fatty acids, synthesized proteins or extracted with kerosene or alcohol and kerosene out of soybeans, toxic substance. So, toxic that what happens? Your body deals with that toxin and stops detoxing the old stuff you had in the body that was going through the skin.

Bone Marrow For Stem Cells. Fastest Way To Replenish Skin

Bone Marrow

Cause of the stem cells. The only three places we can find good stem cells that will work are from bone marrow, sperm and ovum. Very difficult to farm ovum. Anybody want to volunteer? And most of the sperm is not coming from real healthy men, but it still works, but the bone marrow coming from an organic animal is terrific, phenomenal.

Does anybody know what's her name at Rawsome? Erica. She's done the diet a long time, but she's one of those women that never would gain excess weight. So she always stayed strong, trim, never got enough fat to remove all the dryness that she had, specially in the face.

And the reason the face shrivels up faster on everybody is because of the heavy metals. Most of the metallic minerals go to the brain and nervous system cuz the brain nervous system use most of the metallic minerals to conduct electricity and transfer light. So, we have most of the metallic poisons are free radicals in the brain, when they dump: they dump out the gums, the tongue, or the salivary glands, and that draws the fats out of the face, so the face shrivels.

So, even though she filled up and wasn't dry anywhere else, she never had enough to refill her face. Been on the diet probably 7 years, maybe 8. I suggested that she'd be one of my Guinea pigs and use bone marrow on her face; in three months, almost all the dryness was gone.

85% of her wrinkles were gone in three months.


She did it three days a week and you leave it on the skin. As long as you're using it fresh, and you're getting it weekly, they won't stink.

Sperm For Stem Cells

What works the best I found is sperm works the best to get rid of wrinkles. For some reason it works very quickly, it thins the skin.

Bone marrow will do the same thing, but not as quickly. If you've got the fresh bone never refrigerated, it would probably work just like sperm does.

Skincare Routine

Fermented coconut cream is the best “product” for cleaning the face skin, or skin in general. It has more nutrients (water soluble) than coconut oil. Although, it has less nutrients than bone marrow, butter and other animal fats. The reason you use it is because it lubricates the skin very well, and is able to break down old skin tissue/wrinkles. Coconut oil is what everybody used as soap before they were made of vegetable oils and chemicals.

Don’t Put Oil On Skin At Night

If you put oil on your face thickly and go to sleep at night, you're not gonna sleep well cuz your skin has to breathe. If you put honey on your face completely, you're gonna block it from breathing. You're not going to sleep well. That is how you find out about how blocking oil and the complete layer of honey can be to the skin does not allow it to breathe

Fermented or Regular Coconuts?

Fermented is better for this because it becomes higher in alcohol, which help make it more of a soap.

You can make fermented coconut cream by leaving it out on the counter with no refrigeration. Now, after 3 - 4 days it will start to have a bad odour, but after 9 - 10 days have passed, it will go away.


You can also put some water on your face first. It’s usually better to wash it first, rather than after because you want the coconut cream to absorb into the skin and not be wasted by rubbing it off.

Make sure to use gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water, well water or another type of natural sparkling water or spring water without chlorine, fluoride and other toxins.

Primal Facial Body Care Cream

Page 145 of the Recipe Book


If you're going through any kind of a skin detox, any kind of a rash, dry skin period. Poisons are leaving through your skin.

In an intense amount it's drying out the surrounding cells. There's not enough fat in those cells, so when the toxin moves past it, it draws the fat out of that cell and that cell will crack and damage and scar.

So, with the primal facial body care cream on. It will be able to be absorbed into the surrounding cells. So, you don't have as much damage. I mean, if I hadn't put that on these areas, I would have huge sores and huge scars.

Warts, Moles, and Growths


Warts are dead cells that are being thrown off, mainly cartilage. Well, not necessarily dead cells, but cells that are damaged, cartilage cells that are damaged.

Coming out from the joints in their feet. That's why most people get warts on their hands and feet, cuz all the cartilage in every joint in the body, you bruise and damage that cartilage, and if your body can't dissolve those cells, that's what it makes, a wart.



Apple cider vinegar can help peel off moles a little at a time.

Pineapple, applying it once every five days, you don't want to do more than that. So, you can use vinegar every day, you can use pineapple once every five days, but don't use the vinegar and the pineapple on the same day.

You can drink it too.

But don't use the apple cider vinegar and the pineapple together, not on the same day.

Use one or the other.

And also papaya, just put papaya. You can also rub papaya on.

And what I tell people to do, I tell people to rotate pineapple, vinegar, papaya every five days and you can put the vinegar on every day if you want.

I like to rotate the papaya and the pineapple on a five day schedule.


I’ve been utilizing for the last year is putting whey, and it's very acidic and it will dry out warts a little quicker.


When you are using citric acid, it can cause the other surrounding tissue to get very sore and painful, but when you use the whey, it will pinpoint it on there. It'll help dry it out and flake off quicker.


Another thing that I discovered about vinegar in the last three months was when I was 15, I don't quite remember. My mother, one of her friends was a doctor, my mom was a nurse and I had 15 moles on my body, and one of them was in my scalp right here, and every time I ran a comb through it, it ripped it open. So, I bled everyday.

So, she was so afraid that was gonna turn into cancer and I was so sickly already all the time, diabetic by then, had Angina Pectoris by then.

So, what I found was that when I put vinegar twice a day on that mole, that was growing back and that one had roots on it. So, that mole had roots, so when I would touch either of these two, I could feel it deep into my body, at least an inch in. This one was very sore. So, I started putting vinegar on it morning and night, every day a layer peeled off. I'm saying how can it peel off for a whole month? I didn't do it every day, but it was peeling off a layer that could have been real deep, and I noticed that there was no root anymore.

So, the root was moving out every time I put it on and peel off a layer. So, this mole right here, which was black and three times the size just three months ago and deep. It's no longer deep, it's just brown now, and it's smaller, and no root. The same thing happened to this huge one here.


Just a drop on the end of your finger and rubbed on.


Make sure to put in on wet, not dry.


It doesn't remove warts as easily. It'll shrink it, but not get rid of it.

You're not gonna get rid of a wart all the way, they have to somehow drop off on their own eventually.

Mine all dropped off on their own, sometimes I'd put potato peels on it, but that remedy is in the book.


You don't wanna put whey on a callus. Callus is a large scar tissue. A large area of scar tissue will harden and dry it and make it worse.

Coconut cream will help soften a callus. You have to apply it once every day.

If it's elevated, you want to deteriorate it. So, you can use some form of acid to help dissolve it, to lower it. Then at that point you don't want to use whey because it will harden it more acid.

Acid like lemon, like pineapple and like whey, those are highly acidic foods.

Sunlight & Vitamin D



Sunlight is very important, in many places like Finland where there is little sun the depression and suicide rate is much higher.

I went through that up until about three years ago. It took me how many years eating meat on a daily basis, it took me 17 years to get to the point where this kind of weather doesn't depress me.

Detoxing Skin From The Sun

Well, sometimes what happens is vitamin D helps get rid of poison pigments that are in the body. Let's say you eat some cake with some food coloring in it and that got into an area- you have to understand, even in the blue, there's coal, it's radioactive minerals in that coloring, so they get into your body and they cause damage, and then your body has to secrete it to get rid of it. Vitamin D helps take toxic pigments out of the system.

White Spots

In my laboratory test, I took scrapings on the skin of those white spots cause I had them severely once I started eating all the cream. I was eating a quart of cream a day with a quart of carrot juice, and I was exercising. I was eating lots of eggs and lots of fish to build myself up and I had huge white spots all over.

So, I took a scraping and I found that those particular cells absorb the vitamin D rapidly, but it could also release it into the body. Whereas the other skin areas weren't as healthy, they absorb the sun to transform the fats in the skin into vitamin D, that's the process.

It takes the sun radiation, use it in the fat to turn it into vitamin D and then release it into the system quickly. So, those are healthier cells in that area, and the others catch up.

Brown Spots (Liver Spots) and Freckles

Those are usually just what they're called, liver spots.

They can be the liver, gallbladder, spleen, or pancreas. The dark glands, when the cells in the glands can no longer produce hormones anymore, they're not functional to the gland. They're no longer secrete anything but prostaglandins, which are only for the maintenance of the cell itself. So, the body says, well, you're not any help in the liver and I need to get rid of you because you're taking up space and energy in the liver.

So, I'll send you out through the skin where you can function as a barrier.

They're not from the sun. What it is is it's a form of endometriosis. You had glandular cells that no longer can produce hormones, there's still live cells that act as skin cells. The body takes them out of the gland and sends it into the skin and then when you get sunshine, those cells, because they're higher in fat can absorb the sun's rays and allow you to absorb a lot more vitamin D.

So, having freckles and brown spots is in advantage.

Most people don't don't eat enough protein to reproduce cells, so the body wants to use every live cell in the body and not destroy it. Even if it can't function as a gland cell anymore, it still functions as a good skin cell.

Coconut Cream To Lighten Skin


Of the more desirable women, if you're dark. So, they like to get light. So, what they do is take coconut cream, and put it on at night, and it lightens their skin.

Every night you put it on, your skin will get lighter and lighter. So, if you had that kind of consciousness, that's a natural way to do it.

Rather than bleaching your skin.

I like dark.

Coconut Oil For Sunblock & Tanning

I think it's a good thing. I always prefer using something that's whole, rather than an isolated something. However, if I use the coconut cream when I'm using a sunblock, it doesn't work as well, but if I use the coconut oil, it's a great sunblock.

Also, it works great to get a tan.

Collagen Regeneration


Cucumber is different. It's not a vegetable, it's a bland fruit, and that cellulose in a cucumber is very different. There's a lot of collagen precursors in it. So, it will help the skin, it will make your skin a lot better, it'll help hydrate it properly, keep it soft and smooth and healthy.

So, what you can do if you have cucumber in your juice, you can blend into a puree, some of that cucumber, and then mix it with the rest of your vegetable juice, the vegetables that you do juice, you separate the pulp from the juice.

Saliva & Honey For Wrinkles

I have been experimenting with some people now with that they're putting saliva and honey on their necks and it's working very well.

I tried mixing the honey with water, it denatures it, but the saliva doesn't, and you have ptyalin enzyme in the saliva, which helps break down sugars for proper absorption.

So, that's probably another reason it facilitates honey and that way you can put it on so thinly so your face isn't sticky all day, just for maybe an hour.

I've been experimenting with honey in getting rid of wrinkles and lines and thickness of skin because of that reaction for the last year. And I have one fellow who had elephant neck, who's only 60 years old and he's been on mainly this diet since 1979 and he looks good everywhere. His hair's just as black as black can be, he's Italian and his hair's just black and not a gray hair on him, but he's got this elephant neck skin.

So, I told him to start putting saliva with honey on his neck and in five months it is reduced by two thirds already.

The thickness of my forehead, the wrinkles in my forehead, I don't know if you remember how thick that was, and right here when I smiled, I had these huge islands that were part of these lines.

Almost all the islands are gone. That's putting saliva and honey on there. Only two days a week for a 24 hour period, and it's dissolving. It helps pre digest things. It helps digest and break down. So, that's why I like people using lots of honey, as long as it's unheated.

Hot Baths

Hot Bath

Hot baths on their own will dry out the skin. Water on its own will dry out the skin, so it’s only logical that being in hot water for extended time will dry out the skin further. Now, this is a price you have to pay to get the toxins out of the body. Would you rather have good skin and be toxic on the inside or have bad skin and be super healthy inside. Now, this can be prevented in a couple of ways.


  • 2 tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar

  • 2 tablespoons of sun dried sea salt

  • 2 - 3 tablespoons of coconut cream (optional for skin)

  • 1.5 - 2 cups of milk (for skin and toxins in water)

Cause when you're in the bathtub that long, your skin gets dry.

Shower After Bath

No, you don't wanna do it. You wanna let that coconut cream and everything sit on there because while you're in there, the food that you put in the water helps keep extracting all the poisons off. So, they're off the skin. That's the whole point.

You don't want to shower after that cause then you're going to take off the coconut cream and your skin's going to dry.

Plus, you're gonna get more chemicals on your skin from the water.


It burns your skin, so if you're gonna do a sauna, it means getting out every three minutes to rinse off, to make sure it doesn't burn into the skin.

It will help detox, but it's damaging her skin. She keeps destroying skin cells, she's gonna have very old skin. She may be cleaner inside, but she's not gonna be cleaner on the surface. Especially women, vanity.

She’s better internally, the lymph glands, everything will be better, but her skin won't.


Naturally we have 2,300 varieties of salmonella that eat those dead cells up. That's the natural process.

Sure, we all stunk, but we got used to that stink. It was natural. Now we're so far away from it. We expect to smell these awful, vaporized oils that cause damage to the lungs and the sinuses and the eyes and the brain as now a helpful clean response and it isn't, it is highly toxic.

These are removed from the skin if you shower too much. Especially because all the chemicals in the water and/or the soaps that you use.


The only things that are really contagious are things that live on the skin or the tissue that the mold is feeding on. Like yeasts. If I had sex with a girl that had yeasts, and I have lots of cellular toxicity that is sugar bound, I'm going to have a yeast there eating it helping me detoxify.

Crabs are contagious. They live on the skin. Anything- salmonella is contagious that lives on the skin, not internal salmonella.

Yellow Skin From Carrots

I'll use a lot more carrot these days to help get the bile out of the body, people who turn orange with the carrot juice, I used to think it was the carotene, also undigested carotene, they weren't digesting properly, didn't have the bile to process it properly. But when I did skin scrapings on people who had it on the palms, they had all that very orangeish cast. I found there was a lot of toxic bile, it was not utilized properly and very little of it was from carotene.

So, that's how I discovered that the carrot juice and the carotene in the carrot juice helped remove toxic stored bile in the body and especially on yellow people like Asians. Like one girl that was here a little earlier at Eleena, when she went on this diet about three years ago, she was a normal Asian, very, very yellow from eating all of the rice, that requires a lot of a lot of bile to break it down into a fat.

Itchy Skin

Well, it would smother it and I didn't want to smother and lock those chemicals in my body. So, what I did was I coated myself with urine and that stopped the itching, it stung. And if it started itching so badly, like when I used to have eczema and all kinds of problems when I was a kid taking a lot of medication, especially insulin.

Well, I found that if you take white grapefruit and you rub that on, it'll do the same thing. It'll sting and stop the itching without preventing the chemicals from coming through the skin without smothering the skin.


Eczema is when the toxins go out through the skin and you don't have enough fats in the skin to deal with it. So, I say, you’re too thin.

Everybody I know who has eczema that is non-stoppable is somebody who's underweight or very dry. They may be fat with water weight, a lot of water retention, but no fat in their tissue.

Usually somebody who has eczema or psoriasis or skin cancer, does not make the proper fats, the proper cholesterols to feed the skin and connective tissue.

Shingles would be the same. Any kind of dry skin disorder or any kind of skin disorder at all is a result of having toxins emitting through the skin without enough fats to make the white blood cells or the fat cells to harness that poison as it passes through the skin and it bursts and damages the skin on its way out and it gets crusty and dry.

Psoriasis, I said the same thing. So, if you even put coconut cream directly on that area and that'll provide both water soluble and fat-soluble fats to help protect your tissue.

Both cutaneously and subcutaneously. That's the thing I've been working with a lot in the last year, and it's made a big change and a big difference for a lot of people.


In the end, things such as: dry skin, acne, eczema, or any sort of lesions are caused from a fat deficiency and/or toxins leaving through the skin. In certain cases it can be from poor quality food, such as: poorly fed soy fed eggs, poorly fed meat, antibiotics and vaccines in the meat, and so on.

Sunlight is very good for the skin; you only need to watch out if your skin is already dry and fat deficient. Then the sun can cause wrinkles because you don’t have the oils in the skin to turn the sunlight into vitamin-D.

Freckles and skin spots like liver spots are brought out by the sun, but they are formed from the inside as a way to utilize old dead cells as a way to absorb more vitamin-D from the sun.

Remedies from such things as: tans, or freckles would be...

  • Coconut oil to increase your tan and also work as a sunblock preventing sunburns

  • Coconut cream to lighten the skin; possibly if you want to remove a tan. Also, it will work as a sunblock and remove wrinkles.

  • Pineapple/apple cider vinegar can also be used to remove freckles or liver spots from the skin. Although, you don’t want to use it more than once every 4 days and you should apply either coconut cream or butter or both to replenish the skin with fats.

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