Salt is much more toxic than you may believe. Sodium is a rock that is meant for plants, not for humans (salt will kill plants as well even). Salt Weed Killer

It is also an explosive

The reaction with water of liquid sodium having a high surface area can be explosive. The sodium-water reaction is highly exothermic (that is, heat is given off): Tests have indicated, however, that sodium and water cannot be mixed fast enough to produce the shock waves characteristic of high explosives. Salt Chemical Properties

Salt will damage red blood cells, leading to anemia over time, salt will deplete minerals by binding to them, such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Minerals Lost From Sodium


Many people promote usage of electrolytes, salting your food and drinking water with salt in it to boost H20 absorption. They understand water cannot be absorbed cellularly properly or to a high degree without nutrients. Although, the high salt intake will imbalance other electrolytes in the body, leading to deficiency of other minerals.


Salted Cheese

Yeah, unsalted. Because if you have salt in the cheese, the sodium is going to bind with your calcium, some of your magnesium and potassium. So, you're not gonna have use of it.

Why Is Salt Bad?

I've never had anybody that has not been satisfied unless they eat salt. Salt demineralizes, destroys intestinal bacteria, cause all kinds of problems. Sure. It'll get rid of symptoms galore, but it does it just like an antibiotic. It is ruthless. The second worst thing to cooking is salt.

No, sugar's not as bad as salt. In the intestinal tract, the sugar doesn't necessarily break down, destroy bacteria as is easily as salt does. Because the salt dehydrates the bacteria, completely dries it up, sugar doesn't. The bacteria can avoid contact and absorption of the sugars.

Let's say you have three little bitty grains of salt.

In a body about 5' 8'', about 140 pounds. You will increase the concentration of sodium molecules in the blood to where they clump in about four to five in a clump.

So, what happens when the cell opens to eat H20? It'll try to pull that sodium cluster into itself and it can't do it. What happens is the magnetism is so great outside that it pulls the ions, which means it pulls the guts out of the cell and the cells can never eat anything again. So, it shrivels like a raisin and dies. And one little grain of salt will destroy 1 million red blood cells that way from clumping, clustering.

You won't even see it, it's about head of a pin but still you have a lot of it over and over 50, 60 years. That's a lot of destroyed red blood cells.

Sodium is an explosive, sodium is so volatile it's worse than nitroglycerin, twice as volatile as nitroglycerin. You can get just a fraction, you can take it from a temperature of like 80° and get it near something cold and it'll explode. You can take it from cold and just a few like 8° more will cause it to explode.

That's why they don't use it as an explosive. But when you isolate sodium completely, a rock of sodium this big is worth an atomic bomb.

She is craving it because she needs fractionation, she needs help digesting. A lot of people use it to go in there and explode and burst things apart, but it's not a good way to do it because there are tears and rips and lesions that are left behind, and lots of red blood cells are dehydrated and damaged forever, and they shrivel up like a grape to a raisin.

To improve digestion and minerals all you do is take cheese and honey, three times a day, two tablespoons of cheese, a half a teaspoon of honey only, mash those together or eat them together in your mouth.

Now, raw cheeses do not digest in the human digestive tract. The body uses it as a sponge and chelation to draw out poisons, hold onto 'em pass out the feces. It's wonderful. Cooked cheeses, if you do the same thing, it'll absorb all those poisons, but then it gets reabsorbed into the body because it's been cooked, it's all fractionated. But somehow the body knows with the raw cheese how to handle it and just pass it out.

Unless you eat honey with it, then it's completely absorbed and digested and you get to use all the minerals to resupply, that's a mineral supplement, resupply your minerals. And of course, dairy is the best mineral supplement there is to rebuild bones, that's why babies drink it. I mean, can you imagine that a baby can grow from this size, well, when it's born can in two years can grow to this size, bones and everything else. That's a tremendous amount of minerals, only in dairy can humans digest that many minerals and make them into bone as well as ligaments and all the other tissue, only dairy can do that properly.

Causes Brain Damage

The team fed mice a very high-salt diet for 12 to 36 weeks. The mice underwent tests of cognitive function, and their brains were examined for molecular changes. The work was funded in part by NIH’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). Results were published on October 23, 2019, in Nature.

The researchers found that high levels of dietary salt caused a chemical change to a protein called tau. This change—phosphorylation—can cause tau to clump together in the brain. Clumps of tau are linked with some dementias, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

As in their previous study, the team found that mice fed the high-salt diet had trouble recognizing novel objects and navigating through a maze. Mice with more phosphorylated tau in their brains had lower performance on these cognitive tasks.


Increases Blood Pressure

The body needs a small amount of sodium to function, but most Americans consume too much sodium. High sodium consumption can raise blood pressure, and high blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Most of the sodium we consume is in the form of salt.

Adrenal Fatigue

Like I say in the book. Those people, if you really have burned out adrenals, a lot of people misunderstand this. Adrenal exhaustion means you can't get out of bed. That's adrenal exhaustion. People who are diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion, don't have adrenal exhaustion.

Maybe they have a little adrenal fatigue. Their adrenals have worked very hard, but if you can get up out of your bed, if you can get up out of your chair, you do not have adrenal exhaustion. If you have adrenal exhaustion, like I say in the book those are the only people that I ever recommend salt for, but that's only three little bitty grains a week.

Detoxing Salts

If that happens, you'd have to cut out all other vegetables and just mainly drink celery juice and eat tomatoes to get enough of the salts out the brain, and nervous system, so you reduce the swelling. So, you won't have as many problems.

Things that are high in natural sodium, which will help helping us swelling. Also, pink grapefruit. So, if you were change your juices to only celery for the period of time that you're suffering and eat half of a pink grapefruit a day in the afternoon, and tomatoes any other time, then you will have enough sodium to pull the salts, toxic salts that cause the swelling out of the system.

Usually that occurs in people who have an allergy to sodium, salt, and it stores in their body from all the years of adding having had the salt. So, you have all these salt storages throughout the system, crystals, and whenever you take the sodium in the celery juice, it starts breaking it up. So, it causes edema.

And the reason it costs edema is because you'll have a clumping of sodium ion, and when the sodium clumps, passes the cell, cells eat by ionization, they have 1 to 2 ions as their stomach. When they need to eat, they'll track, let's say a potassium ion, which can carry some glucagon or glycogen with it and they can get sugar that way.

Sodium usually carries H20 with it, so if the cell opens to draw in some sodium to get the H20 and clumping, the magnetism of the ion cell is so great that it rips the ion, magnetizes the ion and rips the guts out of the cell. Cell shrivels like a raisin and all this excess fluid stays in the blood serum and does not get into the cells.

And that causes the edema.

That's normally what happens when you put salt in the body. If you're using high sodium foods like tomatoes, watermelon, celery juice, which is high in sodium. It doesn't cause a clumping even though it's concentrated in sodium. It'll start pulling that out.

When that happens, very few cells are affected that way with the clumping cause the celery juice, or tomato juice, watermelon juice will keep it from clustering.

The body will try to keep the salt from clumping, try to disperse it and then throw it out kidneys.

Some will be perspired if you exercise, some of them be gotten rid of that way.

Do a hot bath or exercise and perspire it off, but the quicker you get it out of your body.

Salt storages in the body cause the worst cravings. Can cause you to have cravings for candy, carbohydrates, starches, starch carbohydrates, more water, all kinds of salt imbalances, the whole chemistry.

If you have watermelon, you better eat a lot of cream, if you're having tomatoes, you also have some cream That way, if the sodium ions are clumping, the fats there to bind and reduces magnetism.


If you are having problems with mental function, electrolytes balancing, high blood pressure I would highly recommend you put down the salt shaker. Furthermore, simply to adding salt to your steaks will not be enough.

Some foods that contain large amounts of salt that you may consume include...

  • Condiments (ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce)
  • Salted raw cheese
  • Cured meats (salami, jerky)
  • Soup
  • Broths
  • Pickles

Most of this stuff you can make yourself in a healthier way.

Consume tomatoes, celery, and other fruits and vegetables for your sodium. Oysters are good too.

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