Milk is the most basic primal diet food, it is the most fundamental food of the diet. For many it is the first food you will consume on the diet (if you have access to it that is). It is much more approachable that eating raw meat, no matter how hardcore raw primal you are now, you must admit you were slightly apprehensive or scared at first. Although, most people are willing to drink milk, so if you can convince them that it is natural, safe and healthy then they might give it a try. Once they notice the benefits they might consider eating other raw foods like raw eggs or raw beef. Here is a good video on raw milk by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. Raw Milk Video


Why drink raw milk?


Milk is a great source of minerals on the raw primal diet. Because our environment is so toxic, we need a phenomenal amount of minerals to chelate, magnetically attract to them. Lock onto them, so they don't do damage in the body, and if you're not eating milk and you're not eating cheese, you're going to be mineral deficient. There is no way we can get enough minerals in our bodies that we can digest and assimilate if we don't eat milk and cheese. Milk is very high in minerals, especially calcium. And just like in the cheese, those minerals will draw the poisons out of the circulatory systems as they pass through the digestive tract.

You Still Need Extra Fat To Detox (Mineral Buildup)

Well, you also have to understand you were a big milk drinker. You didn't eat a lot of meat for the first three years on the diet. You mainly ate milk and didn't eat much meat and much butter. You were a milk drinker.

Milk is highly concentrated in minerals, low in fat, not high enough in fat for the toxic as we are. So, you just kept collecting a lot of minerals with poisons. And when it comes out to the joints, it will cause tremendous swelling.

Weight Gain

Milk is great for weight gain to have in combination with your other foods, but if you are drinking plain milk alone with nothing else it might not be enough. Feel free to sip milk throughout the day (preferably not right in the morning after you've had your first meat meal). It is always best to add extra cream to your milk, if it's really creamy you probably get away without it, but it's always good to add extra cream for more fat/weight gain. Additionally, you should have 1 milkshake a day with milk, eggs and cream. You can have 2 milkshakes a day for extra weight gain and you would typically consume this in the early-mid afternoon.

Cold Milk

Never drink milk cold, unless you've already made it into kefir or yogurt, then it's already predigested. Then you don't have to worry about it. If you drink cold milk, the cold milk goes into the stomach, causes the stomach to contract. It's cold, just like when you contract, and shiver. The stomach contracts, no hydrochloric acid is formed and dumps into the stomach, as long as that stomach is contracted, unless you're an Eskimo and used to it.

They do, they'll immediately produce the hydrochloric acid, but we don't, they've been on raw foods all their lives too. So, the milk will go from the first part of the stomach to the second part, the duodenum to be absorbed without the casein, some of the milk protein, and the lactase, some of the milk sugar's being digested. They go right into the blood undigested and cause allergic reaction, even though you don't notice it, don't recognize it.

So, if you want to drink cold milk to cool you during the summer, you make sure it's kefir or yogurt, already predigested, so then you can deal with that contracted stomach and then the milk's already digested by the time it gets into duodenum.

So, there's no problem, but fresh milk, do not drink it cold, unless it's an ounce, ounce and a half of the time, just to cool your system a little bit, your body's gonna have that warm quickly before it goes into the duodenum.

How Much Per Day?

That's up to you. I drink two quarts a day in the summertime, maybe, a quart, a little over a quart in the winter, but I don't use heat, except when patients come.

Why Does It Make You Tired?

Milk. If you've had a lot of adrenaline overreaction in your lifetime and you start drinking milk, you're gonna react like a baby cause that whole nervous system needs to relax. Eat, and sleep, eat, and sleep.

Honey does the same thing. It is so healing so rapidly that the body just wants to use all of its energy to relax the nervous system. So, that's why you go into sleepiness. It's not a diabetic reaction.

But I'm Allergic To Milk?

Lactose intolerance is a too broad a term for people who have allergies to milk because it usually is the casein that they're allergic to, but it's because it's cauterized, it's cooked, it's pasteurized.

Out of all the people that I've seen, only about 2% of the people have an allergy to milk and that's because it's cold, they're drinking cold milk. So, what happens? They drink the cold milk, the stomach contracts, doesn't secrete the hydrochloric acid. By the time the stomach is relaxed, the milk is moved over into the duodenum and getting into the blood.

So, the lactate and the casein is not being digested. So, they have an allergy to these large molecules that are not digesting and getting into the blood.

You know you are having these problems if you start having stomach cramps or nausea very shortly after drinking it, within 20 minutes. Exhaustion doesn't have anything to do with a milk intolerance. You have to have cramps or nausea.

You just have your milk warm. It has to be out at least 8 to 10 hours.

I leave mine out 24 hours minimum.

What I do is I take 28 ounces of milk, I'll add 4 tablespoons of cream to it, and 2 tablespoons of honey and I blend the honey with some milk and then pour it in there, and then they add the cream to it and I shake it, and this is after the milk hits room temperature.

So 5, 8 hours after it's in a dark cupboard. Keep it out of the light because the light will turn it bitter. Whether it's unnatural light or natural light, turn it bitter.

So, you put into cupboard, let it get room temperature. Then I add my honey and cream, then I let it sit for 24 - 48 hours, till it becomes kefir, and then I put it in the refrigerator.

Then you can drink it cold because it's already predigested. The casein and lactate's already broken down.

24 to 48, until it starts getting thick in the refrigerator and then it's really pasty.

Aajonus has only kept it up to two weeks in the refrigerator in experiments and if it separates, you just shake it.

Sip Your Milk

When you drink anything like the baby is sucking out of a nipple, the bacteria in our saliva is almost twice as much as that of a dog and cat. So, if your mate bites you, you're in trouble. Get rabies shots.

That is the initiation of your digestion is the bacteria and the saliva entering the food. So, when people just guzzle milk, any kind of fluid, what happens? It's gonna rush the fluid, the H20's gonna separate and go to the kidney. The nutrients have no H20 to carry into the body. There's nothing but water that comes outside of a fluid that is only fluid, except for milk, but you have to suck that out of a teat.

So, if you're having let's say a fruit or meat, even meat's 55% water, you're chewing it to extract the nutrients out of it, the water is carried with it in the body. So, when you're drinking juice, when you're drinking milk, suck it. What I do is run it through the top of my tongue over the roof of my mouth and in-between the front teeth. Suck it right up in there.

So, when you saw me drink this, you saw how little I drink at a time? Tablespoons, tablespoon and a half, maybe two tablespoons maximum. So, I've got it here and I suck it, put my tongue like this. You can see the sucking action there, I got saliva in that, so I got the bacteria in it. When I learned to do that, when I started experimenting with that about three years ago, my liquid intake was up to four quarts a day. Two quarts of milk and quart of sport formula or a hydration formula at that time, and whatever else I would drink, some water, and I would just guzzle everything.

When I started doing this, my liquid intake went in half. Now when I do it, because my body's getting so conditioned to it, I'm down to a quart and a half a day, that's all the fluids I take. Even if I'm in a tropical place, I don't have to have any more than about two quarts of fluid in a day.

Milk Is Still High In Sugar

You can have plain milk, but it isn't as good because it's high in sugar. Milk by itself isn't good at that hour It's high in sugar. You can still have it on the weight loss before bed to relax, but that's not when you're waking up after 5 hours to eat in the middle of the night. If you have colostrum available and you wake up in the middle of the night you can have a glass of colostrum. Higher in fat and hormones, less sugar. You can still drink milk during the day as well, but


Raw unprocessed milk still contains lactase, which is a digestive enzyme present in raw milk that predigests the lactose for you. How's that for lactose intolerance? Maybe it's not actually the milk, but the process of pasteurizing which is making you unable to drink it!

Vitamins and Minerals

Raw milk naturally contains these vitamins.

But once you heat it and pasteurize it many of them are destroyed. Therefore you are getting nutrient deficient milk.


Milk is a great source of minerals: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, iodine and potassium. Drink 1 - 2 liters per day, it can cause tiredness from detoxing excess adrenaline. If you find yourself too tired from this (I noticed this in the beginning, then you can lower it or only consume cream once every 2 days. Cream can be too hard to digest for some people and causes tiredness, so you can just consume butter for that day instead. Cream is still important for neurological function and healing the brain, where as butter is more for the skin and physical body.

I would highly recommend drinking raw milk if you've never had it before or decided to stop drinking it for whatever reason (allergies, fatigue, too much weight gain). I would prefer to not consume it in the morning, but sip it later in the day to relax and have many milkshakes with it for weight gain.

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