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On the primal diet you may look at hydration differently than you would on a typical diet.

You may believe the best way to get hydrated is by drinking water. You have have heard the “myth” that you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. That rumour was started by the owner of nestle to try to convince people to start buying his bottled water.


you talk to the medical/pharmaceutical industry, they do not identify water as a solvent.

But if you talk to archeologists or oceanographers, the first thing they learn is how water is a solvent and the things it does in nature. It will combine and disintegrate things it comes in contact with.

That’s exactly what it does in the body. The same way that water breaks down and erodes rocks is the same thing it does to the minerals and vitamins in your body. It leaches everything.

So, when you put water into the body, it'll tear your body apart if you're drinking too much water. It'll leach minerals, vitamins, proteins from your system in your blood.  So, water is not something to have too much of, it should be very minimal. 

Therefore, water is not a good hydration source on the primal diet, let alone any diet at all. The reason it is “necessary” on a cooked diet is because all the dry cooked grains, dry cooked meat, and salt make you incredibly thirsty so you have to drink so much liquid to try to bind to those dry minerals and vitamins.

On a Primal Diet, these are the best sources of hydration and their benefits.

(1) Raw Milk


I’m putting this first because it’s one of the most important foods on the Primal Diet.

It is a great source of fat soluble vitamins: A, D, E, K.

It is also a great source of minerals: calcium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium.

Cows milk is 87% water, which contains bioactive nutrients and minerals, which make the H20 completely absorbable by the cell.

Buffalo milk is high in fat, making it only 80% water and sheep’s is approx 82% water content.

(2) Vegetable juice


Vegetable juice is your vitamin, enzymes and mineral supplement. All bioactive, all very utilizable and let me tell you, four glasses a day fat exceeds the mineral concentration that your body could even use in one day, unless you were an athletes, working out 5, 8 hours a day.

Those people I have taking 16 ounces of juice at a time, 4 to 5 times a day. Sometimes a quart at a time if you're six foot something tall.

(3) Low Sugar Fruit or Low Sugar Fruit “Juice”


While fruit is a great source of hydration due to its high water content and electrolytes.

This is the water content of certain fruits…

  • strawberries = 92%

  • watermelon = 92%

  • grapefruit = 91%

  • cantaloupe = 90%

  • peach = 88%

One banana contains the following electrolytes (DV)…

  • magnesium = 8%

  • potassium = 12%

One pound of kiwis contains the following electrolytes…

  • magnesium = 18%

  • phosphorus = 18%

  • potassium = 42%

Low sugar fruits would include things like…

  • tomatoes

  • cucumbers

  • zucchini


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