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This is an article written by @13gus699 on hot baths. It has pretty much all the information you need and it's all up to date.

It features specific temperatures, duration, frequency, bath water ingredients, what to eat, remedies to make baths more efficient and tolerable.

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Hot Baths: 104-110 degrees Fahrenheit will be able to remove plaque-vegetable oils from the body, but it is dangerous to go any higher than 110 degrees and it is very dangerous if you don’t have enough body fat you want to be at least 10-15 pounds overweight. It should be done between 1:30pm and 4:30pm. You want to only do these 105 -110 degrees, 60–90-minute baths maximum 2x a week, never closer then 3 days apart. Every other day you can do the 35-45- minute baths at 102-104 degrees, you don’t have to have the coconut cream and pineapple mixture when doing the shorter baths.

The 35–45-minute baths are to release the toxins that have dumped from the lymphatic system and the connective tissue to perspire it out of the body and pull it out of the skin, so it doesn’t collect in there.

It is best to have this coconut-pineapple mixture at least 5-6 hours before the bath, 8-9 hours is good. Some people can get away with having it as soon as they get in the bath or just before, however. Before or as soon as you are having the 60–90-minute baths eat a mixture of coconut cream, pineapple, raw cream, raw butter to protect yourself and help clean out the lymphatic system. The taller and bigger you are the higher the serving size of these ingredients will be.

E.g.: 5’10” - 6’2” TALL:

  • 3⁄4 cup pineapple

  • 6 tablespoons coconut cream

  • 2 tablespoons butter

  • 2 tablespoons cream

  • a bit of raw honey

If you are smaller you will want to slightly lower the serving size and if you are taller slight raise the serving size.

To keep the bath water hotter for longer you want to heat it up to extreme high temperatures to where the ceramic of the bathtub is hot then you want to drain half the water and then refill the water.

You want to add...

  • 2-3 cups of raw milk

  • 3 tablespoons of ACV

  • 2 tablespoons of sun-dried sea salt, dead sea salt or Epsom salt.

This help draw toxins out of the skin and prevent them from reabsorbing into your skin by holding them in the water, If you don’t want your skin to get too dry rub raw coconut cream on your skin before going into the bath or put it in the hot tub, alternatively you can rub other fats on your like raw butter or coconut oil to prevent drying of the skin.

During the bath you will want to consume some hydrating liquids it is best to sip these liquids – 1 tablespoon per minute. Any kind of fluid that you gulp essentially goes to the kidney and does not carry nutrients to the cell, so it causes dehydration - especially if you’re drinking cold fluids. When you suck ( like a baby, you have all the enzymes) all the bacteria – that comes out of the salivary glands so you digest better. So, ideally sucking through a glass straw.

It is recommended to consume the SPORTS FORMULA: 3 cups of at least 2 of the following foods...

  • tomato’s (puree)

  • whey

  • milk

  • cucumber (puree)

  • 1-2 TBSP lemon

  • 1-2 Tsp Lime

  • 1-2 TBSP

  • honey (optional)

  • 1-2 TBSP coconut cream

  • 1-2 TBSP dairy cream

  • 2-3 Eggs

  • 1 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar.

You could get away with just drinking raw milk though, may run into a problem with the milk drying as it enters your mouth from it absorbing the toxins being released. If this occurs mix 1/3rd mineral water into it. Putting raw honey on lips will help as well.

You want to always keep your head cool with a cold wet towel or something similar because of the high number of heavy metals that could be released. If the heat is too much, take a bowl of cold water with ice cubes and a washrag, wring it out a little and put it on your head and face. Then, put your open (not tightly closed) fists into the bowl up to your high wrist for ONLY two minutes. Don’t use ice directly on your skin. The brain doesn’t like to get hot. The cold will go from the bone right up to the skull and cool the body pretty quickly. The body loves heat. The brain doesn’t. So, this chills it fast. That will give you another 20-30 minutes. You may not have to do it again. The fatter you are the easier it will be to stay in the baths for longer periods.

After the bath you want to get out slowly and dry off without using a towel for the most part, you want to keep the room hot and after you are dry put-on winter clothes, doesn’t matter how hot it is. Then you take a 45-minute walk, by the time you are taking the walk, that pineapple coconut mixture is going to be in your lymphatic system moving in there. While that little bit of lymph space is still fluid. So when it moves in there, it can’t harden when your body goes back down to 98.6 and lower again. It will not harden. It will keep that little space, that little fine little area fluid. You do that, and you don’t do anymore than 2 a week.


Important information: Lymphatic baths are 60-90 minutes but can be for longer if you have enough fat, the lymph system when it must clean the body out, gets jammed. It starts collecting all the hardened fat. Especially all those hydrogenated vegetable oils. Vegetable oils in general, vegetable oils in the human body crystalize. That’s what causes hardening of the heart and arteries. Not animal fat, that is a myth. A herbivore that eats vegetables and vegetables oils in their vegetables has a body temperature of 101 – 105 degrees, humans have 98.6 degrees and lower. So, when we eat vegetable oils, if it’s made a part of a cell, it will store in the body an crystallize over about a 1–5-year period. Once it’s crystallized, you cannot get it dissolved unless you can get the body temperature high enough. That is going to be at least 104 degrees. So you have to stay in the bath long enough for it to get deep enough to get into the lymph glands and lymph nodes. It takes about 50 minutes to get there. So, in an hour you have spent about 10 minutes starting to dissolve/melt some of it. You stay in a full hour and a half then you have melted at least a thousandth of an inch. Its not much but you figure each time you take a layer and dissolve it you’re going to melt it and get it out of your body and start releasing it from the body, otherwise you’re not. Your lymphatic system will stay congested for your entire life. If you are very thin you shouldn’t do these baths until you have put on weight. You must be at least 10- 15 pounds overweight before you do these because when that stuff dumps into the system, you better have enough fat to protect you if you are dumping something like mercury or thallium or lead into that tissue. If you don’t have the fats in the tissue, you are going to be damaged. What happens if you damage your connective tissue? You’re either going to develop Lumus or Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

AV example of preparing hot bath: Well, if I’m doing it in a bath tub what I do is I fill it halfway with scalding water for 10 minutes. It will heat the whole bath tub. Then I put lukewarm water and bring it up to about 112 degrees. And then I let that sit for about two minutes. Then I put in my ingredients: My milk; my sea salt or Epsom salt – one or the other – and the vinegar and I’ll let that sit in there seven minutes to neutralize the poisons. Then right before I get in I put my two to three tbsp. of coconut cream. I put the milk, the sea salt or the Epsom salt and the vinegar in at 110 degrees. Then I get in seven minutes later – which is about 108/107 – and then it takes 20 minutes for it to drop down to about 102 degrees. So, then I’ll let out two inches and when I get it down to one inch then I’ll run the hot water – just hot water – and I funnel the cold water that’s coming out of the hot water tap down to the drain like this, so the cold water doesn’t just disperse out to the rest of the tub.

Not sweating during hot baths:

Looking for exact quotes of this. Could be missing context

If you are not sweating in the hot bath after 20 minutes you NEED to get out of the bathtub, your body is not perspiring and is congested.


Head cooling: Head must always be cooled because of the high amount of heavy metals in it that could be released otherwise. Pouring cold water over it, cold wet flannel on forehead, putting the hand in a cold ice bowl up to the wrists, putting feet/arms out. Tachycardia: Heart palpitations can occur from toxins freed up in the bloodstream (by heat) the faster beat is to send them away from organs. Cheese, Whey, intercept and neutralize them in the gut.

Undereating: Eating enough prior to bathing is the key to withstand better the hot water and reach a state of comfort only. During the bath, having eggs, milk, ect regularly shields from toxins/environmental stress and maintains energy. Nausea: Toxins dumping in the GI tract will lead to nausea, then vomit or diarrhea if high concentrations are reached. This happens after the first few days of bathing for many hours (then its smooth sailing).

Immersion: Rushing too fast in or out of a hot temperature can result in dizziness and tachycardia. First sitting, then getting the upper body progressively in/out, is often easier. Fluids: To replenish the fluids spent sweating and diluting toxins. Sipping the hydration formula and avoiding too much water which is weakening is appropriate. You would have to drink 2.5 litres to replenish the fluids lost which is dangerous and you will find yourself severely dehydrated afterwards.

Being skinny: Without body fat, skin and other internal tissue are more vulnerable to freed up toxins. This creates more symptoms during and after hot baths.

Excessive heat: High heats are more effective but can be detrimental. Some people should not go beyond 42.2 degrees, others 40.5 degrees. 43.3 degrees destroys enzymes and vitamins in the skin. 49 degrees for longer then 7-8 minutes will cause brain damage. (Degrees is in Celsius) Hydrotherapy: Alternating hot 45 min and cold under 3 minutes (above 5 degrees Celsius) is very stimulating, causes massive detoxification. It is very taxing and requires enough fat in the intestines, nerves and in the belly. being in ice-cold water for more than a minute causes serious damage

Sunbathing: Sunbathing requires the oils to be present on the skin, whether endogenous or from food. Bathing (in water) strips away those fats and the vitamin D produced in it before they can be absorbed, and sunbathing after bathing leaves the skin exposed to burning. Contraception: Prolonged heat on testicles produces temporary sterility, lasting from weeks to months. Semen is still produced, but sperm can’t be moved because of an enzyme responsible for their motility requiring cold.

Frequency: at least 4.5-7kg overweight, must be several months on the diet, 3 days apart when starting. When mercury, thallium, lead ect dump into tissue, fat has to harness them, or that could lead to the development of lupus or multiple sclerosis

Bacteria: High heat, such as in fever, can lower specific bacterial levels. Hence 42.5 degrees Celsius water might be too much for somebody prone to depression. Still, bathing benefits outweigh the bacterial loss (made up for later with a better “terrain”).

Hair protection: Similarly, hair can dry. An egg “shampoo” left for 10-20 minutes moisturizes them. Coconut cream, especially fermented, pull-out toxic metals faster. Coconut cream should not get into the eyes or face

Skin protection: The skin is going to dry during long sessions, from the water, and the toxins passing through. Oiling the skin with various fats (rubbing kefir is the fastest and most effective) protects it and avoids itching, burning, ect.

Sleep: Taking baths in the evening can prevent falling asleep because of the energy generated from detoxification. Taking them early in the afternoon is advisable.


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