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What’s the best foods for building your body? What’s the best foods for healing the body? What’s the best foods for detoxing the body? The first two are somewhat similar but building the body focuses a bit more on actual energy, where as healing may promote relaxation and sleep. Detox won’t build the body at all, but it will detox the old toxins, but only after you gain the proper weight.

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Building The Body

(1) Meat


Pyruvate will give you lots of energy.

Unless you're completely skinny person and don't have any fat to burn.

Then the pyruvate is going to burn quickly, and you're going to have will be like sugar. You have a quick high energy for maybe 1/2 an hour, 45 minutes, and then you won't have any energy.

For this reason it’s always good to have a little fat with your meat, whether it be butter, sour cream or fatty meat.

Red meat is going to be the best for building your physical body and providing energy, especially if you are chronically fatigued.

Any meat is okay depending upon what is right for your body.

If you're anemic, you're gonna need more red meat. However, if you're anemic and have a lot of activity rings in the eye, which means you produce a lot of hormones for physical activity. You should not eat much red meat because the red meat's going to give you more adrenaline, more testosterone, more estrogen for physical energy.

It is best to eat meat and fat as your first or one of you ur first meals in the morning for the best mental clarity because what you eat within the first 6 hours of the day will determine what your body will use as a fuel source; fat or protein.

(2) Butter


Butter is easy to digest because it’s predigested in a way by churning the milk fats out of the cream and milk is already full of enzymes like lactate and bacteria that make one of the easiest foods to digest. Butter is full of vitamins, has a good omega ratio and is full of mcts which provide amazing energy.

It stabilizes people. I mean, I've tried diet with just eggs and meat and the amount of stability is impossible to reach. The butter is so important for the whole system, stabilizing it and keeping it from getting disease.

The butter is the easiest fat for the liver to digest and to assimilate. However, it makes like about somewhere around 46 cholesterols from butter.

That leaves out almost a third of the cholesterols that help the nervous system

Only cream, can the liver make the ones for the- unless you're eating fish, but of the fats, the cream and the butter. The liver can only make the cholesterols, which clean, soothe and heal the nervous system from the cream.

The butter is two-thirds more important than cream because it gets to the outer regions: the skin, the bones, the lymph and connective tissues and tendons.

Whereas the body, if you feed it only cream, those get very lax and very lazy.

(3) Eggs


Eggs digest in 23 minutes, 23 minutes, all that protein and, and fats are available instantly with very little digestion, very little digestive effort.

Eggs don't detoxify, unless you eat them with fruit, then you make a solvent of that fat and protein. Eggs by themselves are always healing, reconstituting. They do not help you divide cells. So, they don't help cellular reproduction, but they can take a live cell and reconstitute it with all the nutrients in the egg.

So, it can make a very sick cell very healthy, but it won't help you reproduce cells.

How To Gain Weight With Eggs

Raw cream, raw eggs, and honey. Very simple.

High sugar. That'll turn it into detoxification, instead of stabilizing.

So, you could probably use four eggs, four ounces of cream and a tablespoon or two of honey.

(4) Organs & Glands


Organs and glands are good because they will replenish your own organs in your body. The best way to replenish testosterone or sex hormones for more energy is simply eating testicles. This applies both for men and women who want increased sexual energy.

This applies for all organs as well, if you want to be smarter than eat brain; it has the perfect nutrients to build that part of your body.

If you are having liver issues, then eating liver would be a good idea to replenish the nutrients and cells in your own liver.

Healing The Body

(1) Cream


Hard to digest

The cream is very difficult to digest, especially when it's mixed with the other milk.

Your body just has to spend all this energy on digestion.

Relax the mind

To relieve OCD, drink lots of milk and lots of raw cream. Settle the body down.

Lets say you've got a nerve irritant, then it can be a matter of eating raw cream.

Then you needed both, the protein and the cream. The raw cream is the best to soothe the nervous system.

If you find yourself uptight and rigid. You go drink a cup of raw cream, and you'll be relaxed within a few hours. I suggested fish and cream together, not a lot of cream, but fish and cream together. Don't sit down and drink a half a cup with your fish, cuz it's gonna coat your fish and you won't digest it.

But you could use like three tablespoons with a fish meal and drinking like a tablespoon of cream about every two hours is going to help protect the brain. Remember cream protects the brain and nervous system butter does not.

Some athletes have problems digesting the cream near a sport time, so that can bog them down, also make them sleepy. So, it's hard to camouflage it without the extra cream in it, cream and honey. It's a good thing to utilize, but sometimes it causes sleepiness, so you have to, you have to be careful.

(2) Fish

Mental & Meditative State

Have your milkshake, that's fine. But if you really want a meditative state where you can transcend something, lubrication formula with fish. it'll help flexibility, it'll help everything.

Raw eggs and raw fish and raw chicken.

Those are what I used to keep on, and in a pinch an egg will do it. But I could eat eggs all day long and without eating any fish or, or beef or any kind of flesh food, and then I would find that I still had more difficulty recalling.

Parkinson’s and Mental Disease

Parkinson's is a disease of dryness of the nerves. It's like a mild version of Ms. The lubrication formula is very important.

Lubrication formula, moisturizing formula; very important for resolving that. Your white meats, remember white is a category, not a color. So, any fish, any foul is good for that. Eating it with moisturizing formula, lubrication, formula.

Also, yoga slowly done is important to help rebuild and prevent Parkinson's from... well, the yoga and slowly done is to make sure that you're getting circulation and those areas are stretched to get into those nerves that are deeply rooted.

Purpose of fish

Fish repairs the tissue of the brain, the actual inner workings of the brain, the fluids of the brain are affected more by fish, seafood. So, if you have high fish, you'll help detoxify the inner workings of the brain and neurological system better.

(3) Chicken


Repair cartilage

You rebuild cartilage by eating eggs and meat together. Let's say 20% chicken and 80% red meat, you make a steak tartar with red meat in it, that will do it quickly.

You have one meal like that and the pain will disappear by 50% within about an hour.

Purpose of chicken

White meats like rabbit, fowl apply to lymphatic systems, skin, bone, cartilage, neurological tissue, including the myelin, skin hair, all of that is more effected by those white meats.

(4) Milk


Then you don't have an allergy to the milk. You've got a detoxification of your nervous system. or your glandular system or both, and that makes you tired. It's trying to get you to relax and sleep a lot to heal and restructure those glands or neurological system and some people have to go through that and it could be three to six months.

So, you just leave your milk for eating later in the day.

Some people don't have the enzymes to digest it right away. Page three or four, like I said in the book, if you've got a true allergy and you have those symptoms of cramping or vomiting or diarrhea within 20 minutes after drinking of milk or a combination of those symptoms, then you should only drink two to four ounces a day for about three months until your body sets up a new process.

Drinking no milk

You can do that for awhile, but you're gonna lower your mental intake. You're going to be fasting to some extent for nutrients that are needed in the body. Because our system, our environment is so toxic with heavy metals that we need a phenomenal amount of minerals to chelate, magnetically attract to them. Lock onto them, so they don't do damage in the body, and if you're not eating milk and you're not eating cheese, you're going to be mineral deficient.

There is no way we can get enough minerals in our bodies that we can digest and assimilate if we don't eat milk and cheese.

Detoxing The Body

(1) Fruit


Fruit with fat

Always better to have a fat with any kind of fruit, always. Remember fruit, no matter what it is, is going to force detoxification. The tribes who don't eat cooked food like the Maasai it's illegal to eat fruit because it detoxes. They don't need detox cause they don't eat anything polluted and it causes the children and the people to get erratic behavior.

So, they do not eat fruit, even in its green state. Other tribes will eat lots of green fruit, and like I say in the book, anytime you eat fruit, you either have a hell of a load of fat in your stomach already, or you eat fat with it and you don't have a hell of a lot of fat on your body.

Berries for metals

Getting rid of metals. Dark berries are for getting rid of heavy metals, raspberries are for getting rid of the lighter metals like iodine and aluminum.

(2) Coconut Cream


The best way to detox mercury is cilantro, dark berries, any kind of squash juice, coconut cream. Coconut cream dissolves it quicker and better than anything else. Cheese, cilantro, berries help remove it from the body.

You have to understand each vaccine has that many molecules of mercury, it will take five lifetimes to get rid of all of it, and my body discards it 5% at a time, at all times, never goes above a 5. 2. So, that's safe for me, for somebody else a 2.1 could be bad. But for me, I can tolerate up to a 5.2 without symptoms.

Chlorella helpful to remove it also. Chlorella's not digestible, chlorella is an algae.

(3) Vinegar


Probably with coconut cream would be the best way to mix it. Coconut cream and little milk. I'd probably say if somebody had a vaccine, one vaccine, probably three tablespoons of vinegar a day, but one at a time, so space it, it and about three tablespoons of coconut cream and two tablespoons of dairy cream. Protect the nerves, about two ounces of milk

And have that three times a day. If you've got military, I would suggest two tablespoons, three times daily for about 9 days.

But if you're going to have that quantity, you have to eat about three tablespoons of cheese with two teaspoons of honey, 4 - 5 times a day to make sure you don't demineralize.

We're talking about chelation therapy and EDT and chemicals like that. They're all manufactured in a laboratory. There's nothing natural about them, but the EDT, which is a particular type of amino acid, the protein is found in vinegar.

Now, if you're going to eat vinegar to help get rid of plaque, if you have them in your arteries, veins, arteries, anywhere like that. You need to take a small amount because it does cause a mineral imbalance, so it can cause a bleeding. It can cause internal bleeding, stuff like that. Of course it doesn't have the side effects of the toxicity that the EDTA and the other chemicals have, but it will cause a mineral imbalance, a mineral loss. It could cause osteoporosis, a damaging and a weakening of your cellular, structure by demineralization. So, you have to make sure that you're eating enough cheese. Now remember, raw cheese, when it's raw is not digestible. It acts as a sponge, so as you eat it, it starts in the mouth. It passes down through your entire elementary canal, it will act as a magnet. It'll draw the poisons out of your lymphatic system, your neurological fluid and your bloodstream as those pass through and weave through the entire digestive tract. So the raw cheese will act as a magnet, draw the poisons, heavy metals of the toxins out of those 3 serums and hold it like a sponge and pass it out in the feces.

Cooked cheese, pasteurized cheese will not do that cuz it's fractionated. So, it'll absorb those toxins and then reabsorb into the body. So, you'll just re keep recycling it, so it has to be raw cheese. Salt causes greater imbalances, so it has to be a non salted cheese.

When you want to digest the minerals and the fats and the proteins and the cheese, you have to eat it with a little honey, provide the enzymes that are missing in it.

So, if you want a good mineral supplement, a good calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, concentrated supplement, cheese is it, but you have to have a tiny bit of honey with the cheese and they have to be either mixed in something like a cheesecake or you have to mix the honey and the cheese together in the mouth, then you will absorb those minerals and other things.

(4) Kefir & Fermented Dairy


Just remember that old milk is always better because just like in the high meat and all of that, it's breaking down. Doesn't taste as nice and as fresh and as delicious, unless you put honey in it as soon as you get it home.

Kefir grains won’t grow own bacteria

Kefir grains had been washed a dozen times. They are nothing natural anymore. They're an entity amongst themselves and they will interfere with your own bacterial environment in your intestines. So, if you use the bacteria in the milk to predigested itself, along with the honey. It's the natural bacteria that's fresh from an animal and it's natural, and it will help your own bacterial environment. The grains will interfere. You'll it'll digest the milk for you, but it's not going to help you improve your digestion.

Fermented milk always better

you naturally have the bacteria in there predigesting it for you. Just like in the stomach, it all goes sour before you digest it. Cause it starts breaking it down, but that's the bacteria, and the acids in your stomach doing it. A lot of people are not very well to do that efficiently.

So, to let the milk ferment is always preferable. Mine sits in the cupboard under the sink, dark cupboard out of the refrigerator, usually a minimum of two days before I drink it.

Forced detox with fermented milk

Well, I forced mine through a milk detoxification, and I'm gonna talk about that in the detoxification book. What I did was I took raw milk and I fermented it in a cupboard during the summer, a very hot time, that it was so full of alcohol that had burned my nose when I opened and also put a little maca root in it because it is very much like cereal.

And I ate a tremendous amount of cereal with my milk as a child. I left home at 16, got married at 16, so I would eat two boxes of cereal a day with a half a gallon of milk. So, I wanted the combination because I knew that's what a lot of my body was built of at the time, and I'm experimenting for my detox book.

So, I drank a whole 3 cups of that in a 24 hour period, my God did I have diarrhea and went through a heavy detox, my hip bones were always large when I started developing in adolescence.

(5) Molds


Fine. It's just predigested, the older it is the more predigested it is. Cheese is a mold. Cheeses are made with molds.

So, you have a mold, a fungus eating the dairy, and that provides other kinds of nutrients. Great to get rid of penicillin and antibiotics because that fungus will go in and eat the bad molds from the antibiotic. Remember antibiotics are grown on grains. That's a bird mold, that doesn't belong in our body.

So, we want a mold that from an animal product, that is natural to us.

Dairy never goes bad

So, your dairy never goes bad, it just becomes cheese, dryer and dryer cheese. It does not go bad, if you want things to stay fresh you put them in glass jars.

So, molds and fungus's, the mycelium is fine. The spores, which are the mushrooms that will fuzzes on the top, that don't eat. Causes you tremendous detoxification.


You can eat any one raw [I wouldn't eat poisonous ones lol], but what I'd suggest is, let's say somebody who has multiple sclerosis, a mycelium would go wild in a body like that because that's what's going to eat up all these dead dried nerve cells throughout the body.

So, they will go into a massive detoxification where there'll be an invalet, even though they mostly become an invalet anyway, as they advance in MS.

So, you just have to try a little bit every day, a little bit of the same one, and see how you tolerate it because it will be a heavy detoxifier.

How a mushroom works. The mushroom is just a fruit of the mycelium. Mycelium is a solvent, a living solvent, a fungus that goes into the ground and it eats dead roots. That's all it does, it eats dead roots. If it finds an insect with hardened arteries or a dead insect, it can also eat that, but its main purpose is to dissolve dried dead roots of anything, whether tree, grass, bush, doesn't matter what it is, it eats roots. Once it's finished in a location, it will sprout mushrooms for the spores to spread, and it looks for more dried roots to do it.

And of course with grass, you cut it all the time. Like this grass is dead. There'd be a mycelium to break those roots down to free up the soil so you could grow grass again. So the mushroom, when the radioactive material gets into the dirt and gets locked in with the minerals, and the mycelium breaks down it's adjacent roots, and that radioactive material gets involved in the mushroom and the mycelium, and then it's part of the mushroom as it's spores.

(6) Cold Pressed Oils

Eating oils helps the body cleans poisons that cannot be degenerated by bacteria, and parasites. When I had the chemotherapy and radiation. I never got a bacteria. I never got bacterial infection or a parasitical infection since those days up until this last year.

Quantity of oil

You have maybe two ounces of olive oil or flax oil or coconut oil, fermented coconut oil, you know, maybe six ounces a week, seven ounces at the most.

If you're a big guy, you can have seven or eight ounces a week, but with only three meat meals.

Well, your oils, because they're oils, they have no water-soluble fats in them. So, they have a tendency to cause the body to choke itself, to not allow oxygen through the skin, so they can be used medicinally. And they're mainly solvents for cleaning the body. The body will use some alcohol with them to make soaps, to clean the body.

So, it's good to use it only medicinally. One tablespoon of one of those a day, or if you're gonna use it for like a meat sauce or you're gonna have a lot of olive oil in a sauce, to have 4 to 5 tablespoons of sauce that you use 'em to two meat meals that day, then don't have anything three or four days or five days, more oils again.

So, oils are very concentrated, so you have to be careful. Butter is not, you can use a couple sticks a day. All the animal fats are fine.

Coconut oil


1 tablespoon of coconut oil per day.

Well, it's oil. If you're having coconut cream, you don't need it. because you're gonna get oil already in the coconut cream. But it's an alternative to eating, let's say, olive oil. Definitely better alternative than flax oil.

Olive oil

Cold Pressed Oils

Olive oil is a fruit oil. It's a good solvent and it will not harden.

Flax oil

But remember I've said that that vegetable oils turn into rock. Here's a vegetable oil right here. They sell them at Wild Oats, and you can buy a variety of them. They are rock, animal fats never get that way.

Flax seed oil has the same nature, it just doesn't get as hard as quickly. That's why I say in my book if you're using it for cancer, use a very small amount.

(7) Alcohol

When I say alcohol, I don’t necessarily mean in the form of actual beer, or vodka or something like that

Alcohol can come from kefir, fruit (especially fermented or ripe, which is not recommended, but it’s still safer than actual alcoholic drinks), and actual alcohol.



For some people, raw organic wine is beneficial. It helps break down and remove some hardened fat from the blood and body. However, any kind of alcohol robs the liver of fat. This weakens the liver and causes it to become lethargic. Eating 2 raw eggs within 10 hours of consuming raw wine restores fat to the deprived liver. Most often it is healthier to eat raw unripe pineapple, raw lemons, or raw oranges to dissolve hardened fat rather than to drink alcohol. Raw natural alcohol in slightly fermented raw fruit facilitates the making of internal natural body soaps to cleanse the body of internal toxins. All hard liquors - bourbon, whiskey, cognac, etc. – and wine are damaging to glands, brain and nervous system.



Fruits, especially ones that are high in sugar will cause detox: oranges, bananas, pineapple, and mangoes are some examples; especially when they are overripe.

It is not recommended to overeat these because the excess sugar will burn the fat and minerals in your body, but you will be able to detox from eating the fruit.

You should limit your fruit consumption to one per day because you may force too much detoxification, unless you are eating tremendous amounts of fat then you may be able to handle more, but even then, with the coconut cream and such it may be better to take it slow.


For the first 1.5 - 2 years on the diet you should just focus on building the body and not worry about detox. You can eat fruit, but nothing more than 1 per day at the maximum.

Some of the foods to focus on include…

  • Raw milk

  • Cream

  • Butter

  • Meat (red is great for weight gain, but be careful if you have a tendency to over acidity/anxiousness because it will make it worse)

  • Eggs

  • Honey to aid in digestion and for the enzymes

  • Organs/glands if you are fatigued or deficient in certain organs. Ex. Thyroid deficiency, you can eat testicles or thyroid glands

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