Different Types of Meat


There are two different kinds of meat on the Raw Primal Diet. White, and red. Now, this doesn’t mean the actual color of meat will be white or red, but simply by the species.


Red meat is mainly from ruminant 4 legged land animals. I’m sure you’ve heard the term red meat before.

Some examples of red meat include...

  • Beef

  • Goat

  • Lamb

  • Bison

  • Venison

  • Pork is mainly red, but not 100%

White meat is from fowl (chicken) and fish. This also includes things like dolphin or duck, which both have red flesh, but are still considered white meat.

Red Meat

Red meat

Glands like liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, they are all deep red, they're affected by red meat: beef, lamb, Buffalo, venison, all of those.

If you're anemic, you're gonna need more red meat. However, if you're anemic and have a lot of activity rings in the eye, which means you produce a lot of hormones for physical activity. You should not eat much red meat because the red meat's going to give you more adrenaline, more testosterone, more estrogen for physical energy.

If you do that and you don't exercise enough, you're going to be in anxiety. Anxiety is not exercising enough for the amount of hormones that you have in your body.

Red meat is highly acidic and it stimulates adrenaline, testosterone, estrogen, all of those physical action hormones.

And if you don't exercise and utilize those in energy, you're going to use them in anxiety. So anxiety, you're not exercising enough and/or you're eating too much red meat.


Red meat with cream and butter combined is good for vision.

Theoretically, you think that because the eye is more nerves than anything else than muscle, that it would be like nerves reconstituted with white meat there, but in all of my experiments with people and myself, red meat is the only thing that will clear up the focus and the floaters, which are waste products your body's not breaking down.

Over Acidic

If you are drinking your green juice and feeling unwell after eating red meat you may need to start eating more white meat, such as chicken or fish.

Usually, it's because the blood's getting too acidic when you eat the red meat, so you need to start eating it with white meat. So, white meat with the red meat will change that.

It's usually just the acidity of the red meat. Sometimes what will happen is when you have a lot of red meat, the body will start detoxing the liver.

When that happens, the blood gets overly acidic and it will just keep doing it, and doing and doing it. For some reason, even though liver is very concentrated in protein, it doesn't happen with liver. If it's happening, you need some seafood. It could be oysters.

The fastest way to balance you over acidity is by eating seafood. It is more alkaline than chicken and will restore the balance and your appetite for red meat the fastest.

Activity Rings

Looking for these circular rings in your eyes can determine the amount of exercise you need to do per day, how over acidic and how prone you are to stress/anxiety.

It will also determine the ratios of red/white meat that you should be eating.

Well, in in the iris.

If you see bands that go around the eye, you know, if you see the muscles in the iris, if they have breaks in it, a little spaced areas where it looks like there are arches, or complete circles.

I call those worry circles most iridologists call them stress rings.

I don't like calling stress rings because most people think they have no power over stress.

But what they mean is you produce a lot of hormones.

The more worry circles, the more hormones you produce.

The more physically oriented you are as a birthright.

That's genetically, they don't change, they never change.

So, athletes usually have from 6 to 10 worry circles.

So, they have to exercise 5 to 10 hours a day, minimum.

People who have three worry circles need to exercise about an hour, an hour and a half a day.

If you have up to 5-6 worry circles, anywhere from two to three hours a day.

If you're fortunate like me, you know if you want to be, you know somebody who's a writer and stuff like that, then no worry circles is preferable, which is what I have, but if you have worry circles, you do need to exercise. If you have only one worry circle, about half an hour to 45 minutes a day.

So if you can look into your eyes and you can see that they can tell and you can count them.

But when people come to me for reading, I tell them if they need exercise and how much time they need exercise.

White Meat

White Meat

White meats like rabbit, fowl apply to lymphatic systems, skin, bone, cartilage, neurological tissue, including the myelin, skin hair, all of that is more effected by those white meats.

The tissue of the brain, the actual inner workings of the brain, the fluids of the brain are affected more by fish, seafood. So, if you have high fish, you'll help detoxify the inner workings of the brain and neurological system better. If you have other white meats like the foul and the rabbit, you will detoxify the skin, the lymph.

Intestinal, neurological, bone cartilage, connective tissue, tendons, glands that are white and all neurological tissue are healed quicker by the ingestion of foul. Any white meat. Fish is a white meat, but mainly foul. Rabbits, but we can't get them unless they've been fed off of pellets.

Parkinson’s and Neurological Issues

Parkinson's is a disease of dryness of the nerves. It's like a mild version of Ms. The lubrication formula is very important.

Lubrication formula, moisturizing formula; very important for resolving that. Your white meats, remember white is a category, not a color. So, any fish, any foul is good for that. Eating it with moisturizing formula, lubrication, formula.

Also, yoga slowly done is important to help rebuild and prevent Parkinson's from... well, the yoga and slowly done is to make sure that you're getting circulation and those areas are stretched to get into those nerves that are deeply rooted.

Repair Cartilage

You rebuild it. Eating eggs and meat together. Let's say 20% chicken and 80% red meat, you make a steak tartar with red meat in it, that will do it quickly.

You have one meal like that and the pain will disappear by 50% within about an hour.


Many people eat too much red meat on the primal diet in my opinion. It makes sense, it’s one of the least polluted, most nutrient dense, highest in fat and tastiest meats.

You should be okay doing this for the first few years on the diet, but after a few years you will need more white meat to balance your over acidity.

Also, many people are chronically fatigued and get healed on the primal diet. So, they actually become physically active or have more anxiety than they did before because they are actually able to produce energy.

Symptoms of overacidity include...

  • Inability to sleep

  • High stress or anxiety, feeling of restlessness

  • Depression

  • Unable to focus or think clearly

  • Lack of appetite for red meat

  • Acid reflux

These are all symptoms of OVEREATING red meat, not that red meat is harmful in any way.

Red meat is optimal for proper energy, and satiation, but try to pay attention to how you feel and what you’re specific body demands.

The remedy for overacidity is eating more white meat or drinking more vegetable juice.

Vegetable juice recipe (in liquid quantities)...

  • 10% parsley

  • 5% cilantro

  • 10% - 25% celery

  • 10% - 25% carrot

  • Rest cucumber purée

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