Detoxification is an important part of the primal diet. Although, the primal diet is not simple about detox. You must focus on building the body first and you should not try to force detox in general. It is better to do it slowly.


Don’t force detox

Yeah, don't do anything. That's what I'd suggest. For those people who are antsy and want to push it, I'm going to suggest how to detoxify the body and cause detoxification, but like I said to everybody here, don't push it.

Tablespoon, an ounce? Two tablespoons a day if you're going to do it. Don't do three cups a day (super fermented milk), kick your butt. I have no ass, you know me I had a big ass all my life, all of it away in like two weeks. My whole butt was gone.

Course that's where I got a lot of injections.

So, I'm sure I had a big butt because most of it was toxic, but I still liked that butt because the girls liked it. Now I don't have it anymore

What Foods Promote Or Aid In Detoxification?

Oysters oysters

Oysters are very helpful. It's funny, oysters have the ability to take some of the most toxic substances and they build it in the shell, rather than bring it into the body.

I had one of the most toxic people that I'd ever seen, grew up under an airport and she was loaded with metal poisoning.

And I said if you eat three dozen oysters a week, you could probably eliminate- because she was going through fibromyalgia really bad. So, she barely had enough energy to get outta bed every day. She ate three dozen a week for an entire year. She got rid of one third of her metal poisoning in one year. I've never seen anybody do that before. She was diligent.

Nut Formula (unable to sleep from neurological hormones) Nuts

The nut formula. You sound like you're having psychological hormones that are detoxing at night. Remember, like I said, in the second book, when the nervous system detoxifies, it starts at midnight and goes to five o'clock in the morning. If you cannot sleep in that time, you're going through a neurological detoxification and don't expect to sleep.

If you're having a nut formula every three days during that kind of a thing, you'll arrest a lot of those, but still don't expect to sleep. If you don't, then you better go exercise, but that may just debilitate you more. Find something to do when you can't sleep that's creative or that you enjoy doing and meditating, whatever it is to fill up that time, so you feel it's useful.

If you don't, you're gonna be beating yourself up because you're not sleeping. Like I say in the book, you sleep between 5 - 5:30AM to 7:00 AM if you have to go to work, you'll have a nap then when you get home, make sure you’re in bed by 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

Then when you wake up at midnight. 1:00AM, 2:00AM, you'll have gotten sufficient rest. If you sleep once all in one block, you need more sleep and you'll feel less restful and you break your sleep pattern up into two blocks, one main and a nap. You need less sleep. You usually cut an hour of sleep out.

Milk and Cheese Milk Our system, our environment is so toxic with heavy metals that we need a phenomenal amount of minerals to chelate, magnetically attract to them. Lock onto them, so they don't do damage in the body, and if you're not eating milk and you're not eating cheese, you're going to be mineral deficient.

There is no way we can get enough minerals in our bodies that we can digest and assimilate if we don't eat milk and cheese.

Mold (specifically moldy cheese) Mold Molds and fungus's, the mycelium is fine. The spores, which are the mushrooms that will fuzzes on the top, that don't eat. Causes you tremendous detoxification.

Moldy cheese. I scrape the outer white layer off cause that has all the spores in it and you can get too much mycelium generating in your system and you can get very lethargic.

On cheese, I will scrape the top off because those are mushrooms and mushrooms contain a lot of spores and we're not healthy enough to handle those, cuz we're not used to it, so it could cause a major detoxification. So, I don't mind the molds inside the cheese because that's the way cheeses are made, cheeses are made to be molded. Scrape everywhere, all of it. If you look at it under a microscope, you'll see that they're mushrooms, there's spores from the mycelium that breaks down the cheese and if we were healthy, mold wouldn't be a problem, we'd be used to it, and we'd be digesting the mold.

But right now, we don't have a digestive tract that's strong enough for that. So, we'll end up with constipation or diarrhe Cooked Starch

Well, you know, when I read that research and then I started doing some experiments with it, it was always a trade off with a cooked starch.

You know, it's poisonous, there are byproducts in it. We're not going to handle it properly. We'll have to use tremendous amounts of nutrients to discard all of the waste and toxins that are involved in it, but I couldn't find any other starch that chelated with neurological toxins.

Anytime you have trauma or an upset in your life, there are hormones that are produced in the neurological system that are just like any other poison in the system, they will store and have to be detoxified. If you wanna know the particulars about that you can go on the internet and look for The Biology of Emotions by El Nora van Winkle.

Vegetable Juice Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juice is an important source of minerals, electrolytes and enzymes. 4 cups a day exceeds the minerals that your body could even use, unless you’re an athlete. Carrots detox excess bile

I'll use a lot more carrot these days to help get the bile out of the body, people who turn orange with the carrot juice, I used to think it was the carotene, also undigested carotene they weren't digesting properly, didn't have the bile to process it properly. But when I did skin scrapings on people who had it on the palms, they had all that very orangeish cast. I found there was a lot of toxic bile, it was not utilized properly and very little of it was from carotene.

So, that's how I discovered that the carrot juice and the carotene in the carrot juice helped remove toxic stored bile in the body and especially on yellow people like Asians. Like one girl that was here a little earlier at Eleena, when she went on this diet about three years ago, she was a normal Asian, very, very yellow from eating all of the rice that requires a lot of a lot of bile to break it down into a fat Fermented vegetable juice

If you've been on the diet long enough, you can let your couple cups of juice ferment for 5, 7 days, and then turn it into a vinegar for detoxification, which you don't want to do too much of.

If you do, no more than a cup a day, no more than two cups a week. Celery

I like the celery because it isn't extreme and it keeps the salt level. So, it's like a constant IV sodium level in the body. It helps stimulate the adrenals and everybody needs some adrenaline, keep active and a lot of people who've been eating cooked foods for so long, have had lots of salt storages in their body and the high celery content helps detoxify that.

If you're using high sodium foods like tomatoes, watermelon, celery juice, which is high in sodium. It doesn't cause a clumping even though it's concentrated in sodium. It'll start pulling that out.

When that happens, very few cells are affected that way with the clumping cause the celery juice, or tomato juice, watermelon juice will keep it from clustering.

Virus, Parasites and Bacteria Parasites

Virus are not alive. Virus are not contagious, your body when it's so toxic that it can't incubate and facilitate bacteria or parasites or fungi to help detoxify certain areas of body. If its the liver, it's hepatitis, the body manufactures a virus. A lot of them are hepatitis virus. The cells manufacture it, it's to cleanse, it's to disassemble.

If the body's healthy enough, it can use bacteria, fungus, or parasites to go eat up the dead tissue. But if it's too toxic or say you have chemotherapy oryou've had a lot of, asthmatic medication, allergy medication, your liver is very poisoned. There's no way that you're gonna be able to facilitate and have an environment that's clean enough for bacteria, fungus, or parasites.

So, your body has to make a solvent to go in and chemically disassemble it. Now the difference between bacteria and parasites and fungus helping you detoxify is that they could eat anywhere from 50 to 100 times, their weight in a 24-hour period, and they defecate a small portion of that. Parasites will make a discarding feces or excretion/secretion of only 1% to 1.5% of what they consume.

That means they can take a mass as big as this room according to their size and reduce it into about a basketball size. That's very little toxicity for us to have to deal with. Bacteria is a little different, they can eat about 50 times their weight and reduces it down to about 5%, so we've got a big beach ball, but still, it's better than this whole room worth of toxicity.

Fungus is the same thing, it reduces. However, when a fungus is involved, there is about 20% waste thrown off. That's why you get dryness of the skin, you have itching whenever there's a fungus. Remember all yeasts are fungus's, so the women deal with yeast infections, you have a 20% discarding, which causes all the itching and odor.

When you have a virus, it is not alive. It does not eat and consume. It just goes in there and just breaks it and dissolves it just like you would take muriatic acid and you want to clean the garbage from your pool. It doesn't consume it and reduce the toxicity; it contaminates all the water that it's in.

Cheese Cheese Now the cheese is medicinal. You lose the ability to digest it, but it acts as a magnet. Even starts in the mouth as your bloodstream, your neurological system, and your lymph system moves throughout the entire intestinal walls and digestive tract walls, the cheese acts as a magnet, and will draw poisons out of those three fluid systems.

Berries Berries

Dark berries for heavy metals, the lighter metals like aluminum and iodine using raspberries is good to eliminate, raspberries and coconut cream helps eliminate that.


You've seen those old labels, and remember when we were kids, it said if you swallow this poison, swallow an egg and induce vomiting.

Because eggs are great to pull poisons to the stomach like milk is, but eggs is pretty profound in doing it and it will cause you to vomit, but once you vomited, you got rid of it and then you can keep down the eggs, but you've gotta let yourself vomit if you’re trying to.


Cilantro causes heavy metal detox, so don't use more than 5% or your juice. Well, it creeps up on you and when it gets you. It's not easy to get out of the metal detox.

It may sneak up on you and once it hits, I'm warning you. If you're using 100 oz of juice, that means 5 oz would be cilantro.

Cilantro can detox mercury very radically, and if you've got a lot of mercury coming out of your system or lead. You might get very fatigued, very poisoned, very nasty. Your mate won't like you very much if you can't handle it.

And if you're using a metal extractor like that, it's always good to have either some raw cows' cream or some coconut cream with it, so that as soon as the metals come into the blood, you'll have fat there to arrest it.

High Meat

I don't suggest somebody go out and eat half a pound of high meat if they haven't been on the raw diet for very long. That can cause a massive detox because what is that bacteria going to do? They're going to go and start eating up all your dead cells and if you have that much waste product dumping at one time it's going to take your full body's energy and you're going to have diarrhea, you're gonna have vomiting.

So, you want to be rational about what detoxifications you promote, and that's what I'm going into in the next book.

How Do You Prevent Detox Symptoms?


Remember lime juice is an antibacterial. Lemon is a fermentation; lemon juice helps break things down. Lime juice kills things.

So, if you need to get rid of an infection, lime juice is the way to go. Lemon will not kill an infection; it'll increase detoxification and add to infection.

You're destroying all the bacteria in the foods. Well, it's not good if you're eating that all the time.

Well, with your infection here, it's probably good you're doing it all the time. You have enough bacteria already working for you, you need to lower yours. So, you're okay that way, but see, you're overweight and that's fine.

People who are thin and children shouldn't be eating it all the time like that, and when you get thin you won't be able to eat it all the time. It'll be just the contrary to what you should have.

Parsley The parsley I use because of the high vitamin D in it, vitamin E and the high chlorophyll content, which helps people utilize oxygen better. And it's very good at alkalinizing the blood that becomes so acidic when you detox constantly.

Eat Less Fruit or Poison Yourself With Cooked Foods

Cooked food is definitely a way to poison yourself to stop the deep tissue detox.

That's about the only way. If you cut down on fruit, eliminate fruit all together, it'll cut it down. Eat tomatoes instead of sweet fruits, it'll correct that. You won't get too much detoxification.

Remember, all fruit causes severe detoxification because it's made into solvents to dissolve compounds and eliminate compounds.

So, any fruit adds to your detoxification, any at all.

Lymphatic Baths

It’s always better to do it in the afternoon. If you look in the We Want To Live, the new primal diet version under lymphatic congestion, you'll read about lymphatic baths and taking the lymphatic baths. I always suggest that it be done in the afternoon, so it doesn't disturb sleep at night.

And what the idea of that all of the cooked oils that you had, the Crisco, the margarine, all that garbage you were fed as a child hardens in the body, locks the lymphatic system. It takes the body's temperature, 101.6° and higher to 105° to melt that, to be able to make it liquid, to move it and get it out of the system again.

And I suggest that people do that at a certain time of the day, so they don't disrupt their sleep patterns. And that's sometime in the afternoon, not in the evening.

Lymphatic baths run from hour to an hour and a half, staying at a hot temperature from 60 to 90 minutes, it's a long time and a hot bath. You come out like a wet noodle and then you have to take a 45-minute walk 10 minutes after that, bundled up and hot, but it's a slow walk.

You could walk like this, I don't care. I don't care what you look like.

How Long Does It Take?

Well, it takes 40 years to clean all the cells out of the body, toxicity out of the body, 40 years according to Howell's and Pottenger's work. Took five generations to get to healthy, five generations of cells is 7 - 7.5 years for the entire body's cells, especially the bones.

So, five times that's about 37.5 years. So, it takes about 40 years for us to clean out completely if we're 100%.

Well, I've got another 16 years to go.

How To Detox Mercury

Cilantro, dark berries, any kind of squash juice, coconut cream. Coconut cream dissolves it quicker and better than anything else. Cheese, cilantro, berries help remove it from the body.


Foods that help detox

  • Oysters

  • Nut Formula

  • Milk and Cheese

  • Cooked starch (but it’s toxic partially)

  • Berries

  • Eggs

  • High Meat

  • Fat in general, especially dairy fat such as butter and cream

Before you try to detox from lymphatic baths, eating coconut cream it is important to gain extra weight so you are protected.

If you are still skinny and try to force a detox, where will those toxins go? Directly into your organs, connective tissue, brain and bone marrow. Toxins are stored in the fat tissue. So, when you have no body fat they have nowhere else to go other than your bone marrow and brain because that is where all the fat is. That is also why it’s important to only eat brain and bone marrow from healthy animals.

Hot baths will also slow bacterial detoxification by killing bacteria in your body to a certain extent. The baths are still necessary because they will grow back stronger when you are healthier and they may increase detoxification if they are done between 45 mins - an hour or more.

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