The primal diet is a low carbohydrate, high fat, moderate protein raw diet. You should utilize the Citric acid cycle. When your body uses fat as energy, it uses fat as 80% of that chemical combination. It uses pyruvate 8% to 15% and vitamin C or carbohydrate is 5%. That combination is the perfect ideal combination to get the most amount of energy.


What happens when you eat carbohydrates?

All those carbohydrates cause the brain to not function properly because according to Columbia University, the advanced glycation end products and the acrylamides from carbohydrates make the blood and the neurological system very sticky.

So, the cells start sticking, the neurons, the axons, the ganglia get congested with the sugar and everything misfires, so you don't think properly, you're not clear. So, your vegetarians are heavily into that. The less protein you have, the more those advanced glycation end products, and acrylamides collect in the system.

So, you're gonna have a lot of ADD and a lot of problems.

Don’t eat carbohydrates for the first 6 hours of the day

Eating high carbohydrate foods for the first six hours that you're awake. If you're on a good diet and not packing down fruits and carbohydrates, your body will make in the first 6 - 7 hours, all of the glycogen that will be used to run the brain and nervous system in those first 6, 7 hours.

If you eat high carbohydrate foods: fruit, carrot juice, any of those too much. Then your body will make the glycogen from carbohydrates, and you'll have a lot of advanced glycation end product that store in the body and cause mal-clarity of thinking.

So, if you eat proteins and stick with milk and stuff like that where there's not a high sugar value, then you make the glycogen from pyruvate with the help of glucagon. So, you only have 7% to 8% advanced glycation end product with that formation and we can handle 12% in a day, so there's no storage.

What is pyruvate?

Pyruvate is a sugar made from protein that has no high advanced glycation byproduct.

Pyruvate is a sugar made from protein, it's a protein sugar.

So, your diet, as far as sugar needs, high carbohydrate needs is only 5% high carbohydrate foods. That’s why you have one fruit meal a day and that handles it.

What are advanced glycation end products?

Anytime the body uses glycogen as fuel, there's a byproduct called advanced glycation end product, and Columbia University in New York city did the research on it for about 28 years, 28 to 30 years, and found that in a healthy body, it stores at a rate 70% every time you eat a carb.

That means it stays in your body to your lifetime, 70% of that toxicity. if you're unhealthy, like somebody with a compromised kidney or diabetes, it stores the rate of 90% or more.

That is a sugar product that actually melts tissue when it becomes so concentrated. Like Coca-Cola.

So, that's why the flesh in muscle starts sagging, cause it fills up and starts melting the tissues. That cannot be removed. We are humans that have just lived that way.

How to detox advanced glycation end products

Protein helps remove poisons and neutralized toxins. You won't do it without protein. So, meat's very important to discharge toxins, but it depends on what the protein is removing from the body, which will determine stickiness or acidic, or tartness that comes out the skin. What it's carrying, not its nature itself.

Because pyruvate only has a byproduct of 7% to 8%.

Whereas fruit, vegetables, any cellulose, grains, nuts have 70% to 90% carbohydrate byproduct. Protein has only 7% to 8%. So, that doesn't cause your stickiness, it's what the protein was removing from your body that was sticky. Therefore, if you feel tired from protein you might be detoxing old carbohydrates.

Does vegetable juice and fruit count as high carb?

Just remember that, like I said in the recipe book, celery doesn't have enough carbohydrate to digest itself, it is a negative. So, even if you have carrot juice in, let's say you have 25% carrot juice and 25% celery, you've brought the sugar level way down to less than half, so it's not a high carbohydrate cuz you're not having that much.

If it's 25% of your juice. Let's say that's 3 tablespoons of carrot juice or 5 tablespoons of carrot juice, and then you've got the same amount of celery it's gonna offset it, and you're not gonna have much carbohydrate there to generate it.

Vegetable juice, anything that's high in carbohydrates, even fruit, fresh fruit. Anything that has a high glycemic level, anything that is high in carbohydrates. Your body will convert so much of that into glycogen, which runs the brain and nervous system. The end process of the body using glycogen is advanced glycation end products and your body stores 70% to 90% of that for a lifetime.

So, when you drink carrot juice, beet juice. Any of those high glycemic vegetables, it creates the advanced glycation end products. The only way you can avoid that- mainly in my vegetable juices that I suggest in the book, it's mainly celery. There's not enough carbohydrate in celery to digest celery, so it's a negative.

So, you put a little carrot in there. You put the high glycemic parsley n there, it comes to an even balance. So, there's no excessive carbohydrate, so your body can never make it into glycogen to fuel the brain and nervous system. When your body uses meat or eggs to form glycogen, it does it with a help of glucagon and there's a very low carbohydrate index like 8% and we can handle about 12% at a time.

Royalty only ate meat and fat; grains were for slaves

From my understanding of research of history of the Asian cultures, the royalty, the dynasties only ate meats and fat. They kept the lackies eating half or more carbohydrates like grains to keep them emotionally imbalanced because high carbohydrate causes a sugar problem in the body.

And you can't keep up with that much advanced glycation end products. So, what they found was that emotionally they were unstable, and they would never overthrow the hierarchy and the Egyptians did it also.

Rice also doesn’t make them more calm, it makes them more irritable and violent.

Honey is only 10% sugar and 90% enzymes

So, unheated honey is not a problem. There's very little advanced glycation, less than about 10% advanced glycation that comes off of an unheated honey. When you process honey and heat it, you got 90% going into advanced glycation byproducts.


The diet should be at least 15% protein, minimum 15% protein calorie wise, fat should be 80%, carbohydrates only 5%.

Don’t eat carbohydrates for the first 6 hours of the day, except honey or milk. Eat protein and fat like meat, eggs and butter instead.

Your vegetable juice can be 25% carrot if you add 25% celery to counteract it. In fact, celery is an anti-carbohydrate, so after a few years on the diet it might make you tired and you will need to add carbohydrates to your juice from carrot.

Protein will help you detox advanced glycation end products from past sugar consumption.

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