Hemorrhoids are a little different. Hemorrhoids is when blood is your decontaminator. Your blood is acting as a filter like the lymph system, and it's binding with heavy metals and toxins that are in the bottom or rectal area, even in the prostate. The blood is your cleanser. That's that show a very advanced state of toxicity in the in the urinary and bowel area.

So, what happens? You get a cyst that's full of blood. That blood is highly contaminate. When I've had the blood analyzed for toxicity. Remember your doctors, and chemists will always look for bacteria. They're always looking for the microbe, bad guy, the microbe villain, but it's always the concentration of toxin.

The six that I've examined the blood from those hemorrhoids, high mercury, high lead, high cadmium.


High copper?


I haven't seen copper in a hemorrhoid. I've only seen six of them, it's $2,300 to analyze one sample. So, that's a lot of money ,I've spent over a million dollars and I'm finished with it. Well, once in a while I'm too curious.

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