You Can Mix Fruit With White Meat




white meat


fruit and meat


But I mean with, you know, with your white meats you can mix any fruit.

It's okay as long as there is fat with it.


Have a fruit with chicken?


Chicken, right.


What fruit?


Any, in the book I have a peach sauce in there, I think it's a Peach sauce for for fish.

You know you can have any kind of fruit with white meat as long as it's with fat.

Additionally, not just the fruit with the with the fish.


You still kind of want to watch out for the alkalinizing effects of the fruit, wouldnt you?


Well, your fish and chicken are pretty alkalinizing.

Red meats are very heavily acid.


OK, what about the cellulose in the fruit?


It it depends on how much you eat.

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The only white meat is chicken and turkey?


White meat is all fowl and all seafood, fish.

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