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My question, uh, is the broad subject of longevity and re-youthing.

In yoga, they talk about a number of ways of approaching this.


Let me attack that. You're gonna break this down into the stages. I'm gonna take one stage at a time. The Yogi shit is all bullshit. I've lived with seven masters and none of them lived anywhere beyond 80 years old, most of 'em didn't live that long.

They all had ill health. So, they can't even talk about longevity because these people lived in meditation. They lived in all kinds of transcendental states and they didn't improve their lives, they may have improved their lives, but they certainly didn't live without disease and they didn't live longer than anybody else.


So, all the talk about meditating to induce improve the pineal gland for purposes of, regeneration is?


All complete bullshit. In the vernacular anyway. I'm not saying that if you weren't on raw foods that your body would not be feeding the pineal gland, and the pituitary gland properly would extend your life.

There are hormones that the body can produce. Growth hormones are a part of the pituitary gland and if you can continue growth hormones, you can continue your life and live longer.

Mentally, psychologically, I have not seen any evidence of proof of that, even though it's written in all these yoga books and all these transcendental meditation books, it's all horseshit.

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