tai chi

lymphatic congestion



Any movements like Tai Chi or yoga or stuff like that that claims to open up certain channels, how does that actually work?


Okay. If we're not mobile and we've got congestion in the system, you can get all kinds of nerve networks that will clog. It's like having a bridge that gets overgrown, it starts falling apart and it's no longer utilizable.

When you start doing movements, it brings the circulation in, and if you're eating properly, you can rebuild those bridges, those canals faster from doing those Tai Chi, moving, yoga, any of them.


Are they better than just normal exercise, you know, running around and playing sports or something like that?


Depends on what sport you're doing. When you're lifting weights, same position, it's not as good.


So, just general exercise is probably better than aerobic exercise. Is that what you're saying?


Whatever your enjoyment is, whatever you enjoy doing as your exercise, that's the exercise. Then you want to achieve something more than doing something else, and hopefully you'll like it.

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