Yeast Infections







third world countries




Good if you get them cause then you're detoxifying?


Yeah. But sometimes it can be pretty inconvenient on your penis or in your vagina, you know, it's itchy and it hurts.

Well, the yeast, the bacteria in kefir will feed the bacteria that helps break down the cells that normally the yeast eat, the bacterial yeast that your body can create. So, you can use the help or not. You can use your own, or kefir to help you cheaper.

Kefir, if you use that as a douche during a vaginal yeast infection, it will reduce it. So, that's the preferable way there, otherwise if you're using your own yeast to break it down, there's more odor.

They got 75 million donated smallpox vaccines. What they did was that's that's the new warfare, they created a deficit in destitute countries and who's running those countries now? World banks, just where the American government people wanted them. The military wanted them. It's another bio warfare.


How is it that we were kids and we got smallpox vaccines?


They weren't infected with it. These vaccines were purposely infected with HIV.


How is it spreading so fast?


It isn't spreading, sometimes it takes 10, 15 years for it to take over the body and deteriorate it to that point where there's a problem.

Some people are affected immediately, but it's not spread. It's already done, it's over.


What about having a child?


You've got blood, it's in the blood. But not all children get it, even from the mother.

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