Yeast Infection and Homemade Kefir





lime juice






sparkling water



It hurts when it flares up.


Well, when you have that combination put a tablespoon of lime juice in it in.

Because remember, the urethra is the last tract of the urinary tract. So, it's going to be the last place to defend itself against any of those high yeasts, those fungus that you have in the body.

She was a vegetarian for a very, very, very long time. Full of all these sugars, that fungus feed on very easily. So, when you get down to the end of the urinary tract or any part of the body, it's going to receive fewer nutrient and, lime juice will help destroy fungus. So, just put a tablespoon of lime juice in there and the.

The formula that I give in the newsletter it's a less dangerous way of doing it and of using lime juice on a weekly basis. So, go with that if you want to destroy. If you've ever had antibiotics in your life, you wanna do that one day a week.

That formula on the newsletter for destroying fungus.

You put the lime juice, mix it in the cream and honey.


And also, I need to say one thing about douching because I noticed, especially women that get bacteria in the back through the vagina area and I wanna if that also will help?


Well, you've got a lot of fungus that are still discarding into that area.

So, the best way to douche is to take a kefir that you've made, not a foreign kefir. You don't want to use a foreign kefir grain in this, you want the natural bacteria because the grain bacteria works against your natural bacteria. It will even eat the natural bacteria. The bacteria that grows in milk naturally will not do that.

So, that's why I like to just encourage honey. It helps those bacteria grow quickly. So, you just take that and dilute it with a little Gerolsteiner water. You don't shake it up. You just stir it just lightly in there, so you don't lose all the carbon, and then you douche with that. You can use a teaspoon of lemon and a teaspoon of lime juice mixed in the kefir before you mix it with the Gerolsteiner and then douche with that.

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