X-Rays Prevent Healing 6 Months

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Don't get x-rays because one x-ray can prevent healing for up to six months. You cannot regenerate cells if they've been irradiated. That's the point of radiation therapy. It's to make sure cells don't regenerate. Well, sure. That's fine. You have one cancer cell to about 5 billion cells. So, how many are not gonna regenerate?

And if those cells can't divide. You are not going to heal that area. So, you don't go running to a doctor and get an x-ray. If you have to know something, demand that they do it with a sonogram, as long as you're not pregnant, you will be fine. Sonograms will not hurt you. If you're pregnant, they could hurt the eardrums of the child.

It may have tone deafness, something like that, but as long as you're not pregnant. A sonogram is the best way to know something, if you want to know something. The only time I ever want to know something, is if I have a broken bone and it needs to be reset and it would have to be a pretty serious bone for me to go to a doctor to do it cause I would do it myself.





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