Worry Circles and Exercise



activity rings


Well, in in the iris.

If you see bands that go around the eye, you know, if you see the muscles in the iris, if they have breaks in it, a little spaced areas where it looks like there are arches, or complete circles.

I call those worry circles most iridologists call them stress rings.

I don't like calling stress rings because most people think they have no power over stress.

But what they mean is you produce a lot of hormones.

The more worry circles, the more hormones you produce.

The more physically oriented you are as a birthright.

That's genetically, they don't change, they never change.

So, athletes usually have from 6 to 10 worry circles.

So, they have to exercise 5 to 10 hours a day, minimum.

People who have three worry circles need to exercise about an hour, an hour and a half a day.

If you have up to 5-6 worry circles, anywhere from two to three hours a day.

If you're fortunate like me, you know if you want to be, you know somebody who's a writer and stuff like that, then no worry circles is preferable, which is what I have, but if you have worry circles, you do need to exercise. If you have only one worry circle, about half an hour to 45 minutes a day.

So if you can look into your eyes and you can see that they can tell and you can count them.

But when people come to me for reading, I tell them if they need exercise and how much time they need exercise.


And are there particular kinds of exercise that you would recommend or just anything from walking, biking to yoga.


If the worry circles are complete circles, they need to do high intesitve things like aerobics dance.

Heavy sport, you know tenniss, basketball, swimming.

if your circles break up.

You knowou can jog a block and then walk a block.

You don't need to do that intense constant.

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