Worrisome Mind



nut butter




Well my question.

I noticeb I let mental problems get to me.

Is there anything you can suggest as far as diet or other things is too for the worries of mind?


Yeah, stand up comedy.


Oh, we've discussed that, right.


It's it's just a different focus, you know? t's a different focus to train yourself and when you were doing standup comedy.

Louis, you know, he was the fella I wrote about in the book that took a long time to say a simple sentence, you know.

Didn't have any friends 'cause he just-

Nobody had the patience.

And it came to the point where he was live enough, but still too serious.

So I told him take a stand up comedy routine.


Ha ha.


And it worked, he was very good.

And the people laughing, but when you were doing that you were more fun, and then when you get away from it you get back into that heavy mentality again.

Cream is also very helpful to relax the nervous system.


I love cream, yes.


So if you're wired, you know, bent out of shape, upset. Cream is the thing to take. Less butter, more cream.




Nut paste too?


Yeah, nut butter if you're-


Those two things, cream and nut butter. I love to consume them.

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