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I've studied parasitology for years; amoeba can kill you. I've seen pictures of people, their organs, their liver half as long, eaten away. I mean they eat away at your whole intestines. 


That's right. Just in a few people that are so toxic that it doesn't stop, and it isn't controlled, but that's very rare that it happens, but it mostly happens in third world countries where they're just fed garbage. They get no meat and their muscles, and their animal tissue is so weak that the amoeba just wants to go in there and clean them up. The people who are doing this diet don't have a problem. 


I don't know, I picked it up when I was out of the country.  


You weren't eating a good diet.  


No, I wasn't, but I almost died from it. 


Yeah, you almost died from it. You were very thin, very dry and very ill. So, they're going to eat what it can. 


But I didn't get it until I left the country and then I can back and then I was fine. 


90% of the cases who have the amoeba don't leave anywhere, don't leave their own country. So, that's another myth that they like to put out there to scare people, so that every time you go out of the country, you'll take their medications, their malaria pills, or their yellow fever vaccines, so that they can make money. 

It's a business. You have to realize it's a business. I'm not saying that people don't die, people die, some children die, and that isn't the tapeworm that's done it. Isn't the amoeba that's done it, it's the toxicity in their body. The amoeba and the tapeworm we're just trying to help out, trying to reduce the symptoms. 

But if somebody is so deteriorating, they're going to die. That's it. This diet doesn't save everyone. Saves 95% of the people that I know and reverses their disease. If you want to lose 5% of the dozen. 

But the medical profession, they reverse almost no disease. They just make you get worse and worse till you're a cripple, you have a very poor quality of life. Some people, you know, we're talking about 5% of the people that they help have that ability to heal themselves after that kind of an assault, but it's only 5%. 

So, 95% I help, 5% they help, or those survive in spite of their therapies. So, now what I say is this is a much better average than theirs. So, if you want to take [unclear] and all the other anti-parasiticals, anti-bacterials, that's your choice. I'm not going to judge you for that. It's your life, it's your life experience, but it's certainly not my choice cause I don't like being the one I'm crawling on the floor, only able to move my head and my shoulders and my arms.  

There was no joy, and that's what they did to me. For me it would take 30 minutes to go from the couch, which was about there to the kitchen, 30 minutes to get there. I'd crawl 10 feet, pass out from exhaustion, and wait and crawl another 10 feet, and I had jars of urine and pans of feces, diarrhea and everything sitting by me. I had to sit there for sometimes three days before the volunteers came. 

So, I had to live in that odor and live in that pit. I had to live that way because of the medical profession. Not going back there ever.  

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When was this Aajonus? 


After the chemotherapy radiation. 

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