Women Osteoporosis and Mammograms







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Well, the reason that there's more osteoporosis found in women is because women go to doctors more than men, so it's discovered.  

Most men do not go for bone density tests. The whole pharmaceutical industry loves women because they scare easily, they go to the doctor frequently. All they have to do is put out a mind scare on TV and a woman is going for a mammogram, which creates 30% more breast cancer.  

According to the greatest specialists of cancer, 36% more breast cancer in the women who have mammograms. When you think about it, it's crushing the breast during a bout of heavy dose of radiation. 

What's gonna happen, you've ruptured tissue, and it's been radiated, so it's not going to heal.  

Of course, you're going to create a condition for more cancer, but that's the reason more women have signs of osteoporosis, because they go to have it checked. 

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