Women Ate 128 Oysters



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sex drive




Oh, and she's six foot tall, huge boobs like Dolly Parton, big girl. And I got a call one evening or late afternoon, probably 5:30 my time, 8:30 their time in Toronto, or 7:30 their time and she said, "This is Juliana. I'm at a restaurant and I've eaten 28 oysters already and I'm just hungry for them. I want to eat more. Is that okay".

I said, "You can eat as many as you want, long as you don't get a headache in the morning, you know, you don't wanna get horny in the restaurant and arrest your boyfriend".

So, hung up. I get a call an hour later and it's her boyfriend. "She's eaten 115 oysters already. Is there going to be a problem here"?

I said, "No. She gets full. She'll stop eating it". She ate 128, 128 oysters. She was horny for six weeks and her boyfriend loved it.

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