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That's why in my Recipe Book, I mentioned the woman who had emphysema and her doctor called me on a Thursday night and said, "I've got a woman who's diagnosed with emphysema seven years ago, she'd been bedridden for most of the past two years, and she's been on machines for most of that two years and she's gonna die this weekend. Is there anything I can do?"

I said, "Well, you're calling me a little late, aren't you"? She says, "I'm a MD, and the law is that I cannot recommend anything to any alternative other than the standard medical procedures", which are written by the pharmaceutical industry by the way, all medical procedure books are written by pharmaceutical industry. Merck's is about thick. And she said, "Without 10 years of failure with medical therapies, I cannot suggest anything alternative, unless they're on the deathbed. She's on a deathbed now I can".

That is the law. So you know, anytime you go to a doctor, a licensed MD, the only thing he can suggest for you is what the pharmaceutical houses suggest for you. That's it. I said, "Well, that's your conscience. All I can do is say, get as many dozen eggs as you can, 10, 15, put 'em on her bed table and have her eat as many as she can and there's no limit".

So, this is a Thursday night. It was 9:30 AM my time, so she was in Maine or Massachusetts. So it must have been 1:30 in the morning. This was a woman who cared, was just stuck in the medical profession. So, I got a call on Monday morning. Now, if this doctor had it all together, probably wouldn't have gotten the eggs to her before late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

So, Monday morning I get a call from this raspy voice woman saying, "It worked, I'm out of bed. What else should I do"? I said, "Well, who are you?" And she said, "Well, my doctor called and you told her that I should eat as many raw eggs as possible". So, I did that and I'm out of bed and off the machines. What else do you want me to do?" I said, "Well, how many eggs did you have to eat to do that?"

She said, "I ate 33 on Saturday and 33 on Sunday, and I'm off the machines and out of bed". The point of that story is eggs digest so quickly, take very little of the body's energy and digestion, so the body has all that energy and all those wonderful nutrients. The liquid protein already, the liquified fat, which doesn't take any enzymes, only the bacteria has to invade it and eat it quickly.

So, in 27 minutes, it's absorbed and into your body working. That is the only food that you can give people who are in that critical condition to pull them through and it worked. Only 66 eggs and she was out of bed and off the machine after two years of living that way. Isn't there something terribly wrong with the medical industry?

Kept her suffering in bed and crippled for two years and suffering for seven years altogether. And I got a call from her six months later. I said, "Well, what you can do, you stay on the eggs, you eat as many, you eat 30 a day for a year and a half and you can add raw dairy a little bit at a time, maybe 1/4 cup, three weeks later another ounce, so you have 3 ounces, 4 ounces every few months. You can increase it and eat some fish, some raw beef, some raw meats, and just increase your diet that way".

I got a call from a year later and I didn't even realize it was her voice. It's almost a normal voice, hardly any raspiness at all and very strong.


Is this something that can actually apply to all these diseases?


Absolutely, every one, especially Crohn's disease, people who have digestive problems. You have to give them a break in their digestion.


That would actually help my pastor.


It could help anybody. I always tell people, eat lots of eggs if they have access to good eggs.





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