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Not that I don't want to do like everything that you prescribe, but is it true that the body is smart enough to just when you start raising the levels of the raw fats and everything that it will start detoxing on its own just how it's supposed to naturally, or do we always have to stimulate it by eating certain things in certain orders and all of that? You know what I'm saying?


She asked a rather complex questions, gonna take a little bit of a complex answer. She asked when you go on the diet and you're eating the fats, will you automatically detox without having to do the particulars that I address in the book for detoxing certain areas of the body.

Yes, your body will always address what it feels is most important, depending upon the fat that you're eating. If you eat butter and cream, you're gonna do less detoxification and more building. If you're eating a pressed oil, avocado, you're going to detoxify more.

If you have a particular problem and you're suffering from it, it may not be the worst problem you have in your body. So, your body may ignore that and go to something that it is more important. If you wanna get rid of the symptom though, you're going to have to address that area with a specific food that I have mentioned in the remedy section of We Want To Live

Now, the cream stabilizes the nervous system. It's the only fat that will immediately address the nervous system, it helps calm it. Butter helps every part of your body, but not specifically the nervous system. There are several varieties of cholesterols, about 28 of them that address the nervous system and 90% of those 28, so about 26 can only be addressed through cream.


Say that last sentence again, please.


There are 26 cholesterols that could only be made in its wholesome structure from raw cream and having a little butter with it helps increase the ability to soothe and protect the brain.

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