Why Women Live Longer Than Men










Towels. Those were my handkerchiefs. My handkerchiefs were towels because I was putting out so much mucus. 


Came out through your nose? 


Yes. Now, like I said in the last two, your bowels are your whole body. You're all one big asshole, everybody, because basically the body is gonna use every means it can to dispel the toxins that are in the system. 

It's going to use the mucus membrane. It's going to use the skin. It's going to use the ear wax. It's going use the salivary glands. It's going use the tear ducts. It's gonna use the vaginal cavity in women. It's going use the penis in men. It's going to use every hormone it can to throw off everything. 

Because the vaginal cavity in women is so large and the mucus membrane is so great. Women have the ability to detoxify that way, they have that extra bowel that men don't. I think that is why women live longer, almost 20% longer. So, all of you, women who say, oh God, I wish I didn't have that period every month. You know, it's such a hassle.  

Let me tell you, get on a good diet, so it isn't so rough you're not going through so many headaches and so many cramps, after a few years, you'll be glad you have that. Because you're a lot better off than men are, a lot better.  


Couldn't men dispel through their semen.  


No. Well, if you were ejaculating six, eight times a day, sure. 

You'd probably keep up with that. But then you've got eating problem that has to keep up with that because there are some pretty rich nutrients that have to be utilized for semen. You know, because of the quality of what it has to be.  

And all men who are sexual live a little bit more. You hear about those men that still have sex in their nineties. They smoke and drink. They do anything, but they just keep that, but a lot of that has to do with adrenaline too. 

And adrenaline has a tendency to be able to nullify a lot of the toxicity of the system. Yes.  


Does that mean that like adrenal discharge, that's sign of detoxing, releasing stuff.  


Correct. Now I've known women, when they start on the diet, they start detoxing heavily out that canal, and they'll actually burn holes in their underwear from it. That's how bad. 

One woman I have the diet right now, she is discharging brown and green fluids, and its tearing labium up. Burns it, swelling and this is pretty toxic stuff. She has cancer, so she's discharging out that canal. 

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