Why They Put Mercury In Vaccines






See, the problem is that they put the thimerosalin the vaccines because vaccines you know, like which happened to to pass through every time you vaccinate an animal they went into anaphylaxis, shock and died.

And that same thing will happen to humans, but for some reason when they use the thimerosal in it.

It causes such a reaction in the body that the body won't die.

Won't go into that kind of shock as often.


Such as what reactions?


The type of anaphylaxis, the allergy to the disease that they're giving you when they inject you with the disease.


It's such that it's not lethal?


Right it it stops the high rate of fatalities.


The court martialing that they don't do to armed forces then right? They stopped that if they don't take the vaccine.


Well, not necessarily.


So, they're still forcing them?


Yeah, they're still forcing them.


Bernard said he saw on the computer that they stopped.


Yeah, but that's bullshit.

If you go to those-

If you hear the inductees and the volunteers who went to the military, they still threaten.

They don't court martial you, but they sure make your life hell.


It sounds like what you're saying is.

When they put the heavy metal in the vaccination it's almost like it kind of inhibits the actual disease enough, so that it doesn't make that huge reaction.


Well, I think what happens is when you get a flush of disease in the blood.

The body reacts traumatically because normally a disease will be a developmental reaction within the system and the body has a reaction to that.

Every time, every single vaccine for something like 9 years.

Every animal that Pasteur injected with the disease died, not one survived.

Then they started using formaldehyde with the disease and then they started using thimerosol in the 1920s. Liquid mercury. What happened was it looks like the body had to deal with the poison instead of the disease.

So the bodies it was so involved with dealing with the high poison that the disease didn't get registered.

And then the body didn't go into anaphylactic shock as often, but there are people who go into anaphylactic shock and died from vaccines.

Even with the thimerosal.

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