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Up until a year ago when I ate the eight ounces of high fish, it removed 20% of my brain scarring in a matter of about four months, going through the meningitis from eating that eight ounces of high fish, that was a difficult, difficult detox for a while. I was in severe pain.

I would say I had the effects for about six weeks, from minor to major, to minor again until it was all over. Severe pain lasting for that 10 days where it peaked about three days where Lorie was lifting my legs onto the couch because I couldn't move anything from the waist down without severe pain and sleeping in the bathtub and that lasted probably 6 days.

Three days where I couldn't do it myself.

And I ate eight ounces, which is way too much. High fish, it's letting meat rot on its own, you know decompose on its own with its own bacteria. So, what you do is you chop it up, you put it in a jar with equal amount of air. You have to take it out of the house if you don't want to stink up your house.

Take it out of the house, open it every three to four days, move the jar in the air just twice in a figure eight. Um, put the lid back on tightly cause there's a gas that's built that'll leak out into your refrigerator, you know, open them and let the gas out. A lot of people will do that, I just don't feel like doing it for a week or two weeks or three weeks and it's gas keeps building up in there and it just leaks out in the refrigerator. They say I have a tight lid on that, why is it stinking so badly? Because hell, you got to take it outside and let it air! And anyway, the bacteria stops growing because it's aerobic bacteria, so it needs to progress through all of its stages and if you don't take it out every three to four days, it goes dormant at that point. Doesn't meat you can't use it, it just sort of goes dormant and it takes an exposure and the least three, four days for the bacteria to get active again where you can take it. If you take it when it's not active, it just won't be much good. You're just taking stinky meat.

And what that stinky meat does is... your body cleans itself in three ways. I say this at every meeting, it's probably one of the most important things I talk about. You use solvent, just like we use degreasers and compounds to dissolve other compounds, whether it's plastic, wood, and metal. No matter what it is in the body, if it's inorganic, that's the only way your body can dissolve those toxins because bacteria, parasites, molds, they will not break down inorganic material from pollution, cooked foods, stuff like that that stores in the body. So, your body has to make these solvents and does it from about 80% fat, 15% protein and 5% alcohol, which your body makes from fermenting carbohydrates in the body. So, it goes in and dissolves whatever's in the body that needs to be dissolved. Some people have no bacteria. People like me who have had intense radiation and chemotherapy, it poisons the whole system so parasites, bacteria can't live in the body. So, the body has to do only the solvent process. It's a very slow, tedious process and one of the byproducts of it is identical turpentine and it's as as toxic to the human body. So, it creates a low grade lethargy, maybe depression, fatigue.

So, the body isn't real happy when it has to go through that and you'll see people eat the high meat that they make after about four weeks, you need to let it go four weeks. If you eat that, all of a sudden you get this high, because what you've done is introduced bacteria into the body and all of a sudden the body doesn't have to use only the solvent process, which is slow and very toxic.

So, the body can use virus, bacteria, molds, yeasts. Yeast is a mold and to dissolve compounds in your body. So, your body has health. It doesn't have to do everything on its own. It's like, let's say you were the only person in this room and we piled garbage all over the place and you had to stay and clean it up all by yourself and you had 24 hours to do it and would take you 80 hours to do on your own.

So, then all of a sudden we bring a bunch of people in here to help you to do it. That's what happens when you eat the high meats, high bacteria meats. Introducing bacteria into the body to help you clean up the garbage and the byproducts from the virus, the bacteria and the molds working.

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