Why Do People Die of Cancer - 5 Year Death Occurance

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They don't usually don't die of cancer unless a particular tumor is blocking their digestive tract or their wind passage. Normally, they die of chemotherapy, radiation therapy of medical treatment, lots of antibiotics. That's usually what kills people. Cause people who do this die and then don't get medical therapy, 95% of them survive.

In medical profession only about 50% make it 5 years, and they use the 5 year cutout period, cuz guess what? In the next year to a year and a half 40 more percent will die.

So, that's why the use of the five year cutoff period, we cured you. And then if you get an next incident, "Oh no, it's a whole new occurrence, it has nothing to do with the old cancer". Absolute bullshit. So, that answer your question?

I mean, there are other things, you can put vinegar on it, but of course, anything that destabilizes it irritates the surrounding cells is not the best way to do it.

You want to nutrify the area. You want the healthy cells to survive and you've heard of being a flake. Well, you wanna be a flake sometimes, just flake off those dead cells.





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