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Why do colds appear to be contagious?


Because they're seasonal. Why does the sunrise when the roosters crow? Rooster crowing make the sunrise?


But like 1000 people get the cold.


Not all of them get it. Why don't all of them get it? If every household and everybody got it, you could say there's a good probability of contagion, but it isn't. The bacteria that you find in one individual is very different from another, could be the same strain.

Whenever you hear, "Oh, well we fingerprinted it the bacteria". Big fricking deal, all fingerprinting does is tell you the particular strain of E. coli or salmonella. It does not tell you anything about yeah, the bacteria that's in you is the exact same one that's in the food you ate. Absolutely bonko.

So, fingerprinting a bacteria is not like our fingerprints, which are individual to the person. My fingerprints are on a crime scene, I was most likely there, or I had been there at that location at some time and I may be a suspect, but did I do it? Don't know.

In the fingerprinting of bacteria, all you know is strain. That's like knowing a race. Okay, an Irish person was at the scene of the crime, so okay, we blame all Irish people for the crime and that's what happens when the health department and the pharmaceutical and medical industry attack a bacteria and say it's contagious, not contagious.

Everybody has bacteria in their body, everybody is cleaning. Most families eat the same things, the same garbage. So, of course they're collecting the same kind of poisons, relatively uniformly together, so what happens? They detox together. The whole planet detoxes together, that's why we have a flu season and get it? Flu season! Not a flu epidemic or pandemic. They're advertising we're gonna have the Avion flu pandemic soon, right? Plastered all over the news. Well, this Avion flu vaccine that they created, that virus was active 18 months ago. It's not active now.

Flus are mainly viral detoxification, colds are mainly bacterial detoxification, which can involve a little bit of virus and colds are mainly bacterial, but may involve a little bit of virus. So, you don't have a contagion involved in that, virus are not alive. You've got no nucleus, you've got no respiratory system, you've got no digestive system. They are protein structures that either disassemble or reassemble.

And during a flu, you have specific viruses, which will disassemble certain kinds of tissue. So, let's say you are going to clean out your respiratory system and the cell itself is cleaning out its respiratory system. The viruses, you could have 300,000 viruses just for the inside of all the various tissues within one cell. If the body had all of those viruses working at one time, the whole cell would dissolve your whole body would dissolve and you would be dead, and that's what the pharmaceutical industry wants you to believe.

So, they show you a little picture of one virus working to dissolve a certain tissue, and they say, "Oh, it'll spread and go all over and it'll destroy your whole body". No, those virus are specific to that particular tissue, it will only disassemble that tissue. That is it.

And then they say, "It's contagious". Is tide soap contagious?

30 years ago, doctors understood that virus was not contagious, that's why they didn't use antibiotics with a virus. Pharmaceutical industry says, "Hey, we can make a lot of money to say that they're alive and contagious".

So, now they're giving antibiotics for viral infection. It's the most absurd thing in the world, going on their premise even.





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