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Can we get pork from whole foods? 


I don't touch much from whole foods. I go to wild oats and some of the others, but whole foods is a liar.  

Whole foods all-natural beef is fed 15% bakery waste. I said, wait a minute. No freaking cow eats donuts, but they eat degraded grains the donuts are made of. I said, but they don't boil them in oil and eat donuts. They're still eating their all-natural food. That's their logic. They have no logic. They're out there to make money, and that's it.  

And that company is, I don't know if you know the Bass family from Texas, they're like the Bushes from Texas. They are all about money and that is it.  

Well, get it in writing from the home office and you won't get it. They'll lie to their employees, but you ask them to put it in writing and you won't see it. They won't do it.  

[Attendee #2] 

There grass-fed beef isn't really grass fed? 


I haven't investigated their new grass-fed beef. 


It's still probably a, a slight step above a conventional injected beef? 


Oh, yes. Definitely. That doesn't mean it's completely clean or all natural. 

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