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When your body has a toxin in it, it uses a lot of calcium, phosphorous, potassium and magnesium to bind with the toxin. The example is, you plaque on your teeth and why does the body build plaque on the teeth? Because when the brain detoxifies its heavy metals, it does it mainly out the gums and the tongue.

That's why you get that white crust on your tongue, that white plaque on your tongue. The body will take those heavy metals that are coming from the brain, cuz the brain uses a lot of heavy metals or metallic minerals to conduct electricity and transmit light, and that's how the brain communicates, just like a computer.

So, it takes metallic minerals to do that. So, when the metallic minerals are toxic from eating cooked foods or chemicals or any medications or preservatives, inorganic fertilizers, pollution in the air that. Most of it goes to the brain and the system, and when it dumps, it comes out the mouth.

It's why people shrivel in the face quicker than anywhere else cuz the brain is pulling the fats all in the face. When you're thirsty, it doesn't have anything to do with water, It's the fat being ripped out of your face. So, you put coconut cream or butter in your mouth, some kind of a good fat that can be readily absorbable, even the fat in honey, even though it's very small is an incredible fat and it will absorb into the body.

In fact, if you make a mixture of 6 to 9 parts coconut cream to one part honey, that's a great lip gloss and that'll take care of that dry mouth and cottonmouth and thirst. Also, takes wrinkles away from the mouth.

So, the minerals: the calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus will bind with those heavy metals as they're coming to the gum to try to protect your dentine. So, that's what plaque is, it's a protective coating of all those minerals. But look how many minerals it takes to do that, phenomenal amount, and if you're eating cooked foods, there's no way you'll ever keep up with that mineral loss.





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