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More butter and that makes a great dental... 


And that'll make your teeth whiter? 


I doubt it. Again, whiteness comes from the toxicity coming from the brain or the mandible going into the nerves. So, over the years as you clean out those nerves, then you have nerves and tubules that go into the tooth without fillings, then of course their circulation over the compound in the tooth to make it white. 

Otherwise, no it won't 

Nope. They all contain mercury. 

They say tell your children not to swallow it. A warning notice on it. 


They don't say mercury on it? 


Cause it's a trace amount, they don't have to say, unless it's a certain amount. 

[Attendee #2] 

What about hydrogen peroxide? 


For the teeth? Well, you burn your gums, it damages cells, and you said it burns, but you put it on your skin and cause a white spot cause it burned the cells.  

[Attendee #2] 

What about drinking hydrogen peroxide? 


Not a good idea. I said in my book certain people could use maybe five drops of hydrogen peroxide in a certain solution, but that was just certain people. 

I haven't seen any of those... 

I spent a whole time talking about it, so if you missed it. You need to talk to somebody else. Clay, butter and cream.  

[Attendee #2] 

What about mouthwash? 


Lemon or lime is great for a mouthwash. Yeah, just squeeze it in and mix it around and spit it out with some bubbly water. 

And then mix it with some like Gerolsteiner or Perrier. 

That really won't cleanse the toxicity out of the mouth, but it'll help with the smell of the mouth. 

The parsley e helps break- like I said in my book, parsley juice helps break down bacteria in the mouth, and then you can use ginger, all those things will help bad breath. 

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