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Let's say stiffness and you drink a half a cup to a whole cup of whey a day to get rid of those mineral deposits that cause stiffness, and achiness in joints. Even arthritis and rheumatism, where they have mineral deposits.  

The mineral deposits that will collect in joints from bruised tissue. That's what arthritis and rheumatism is. It's usually toxins that are leaving the bone marrow and passing through the joints cause that's the only exit point from the bone marrow out the joints.  

99% of all arthritis and rheumatism is caused from heavy metals poisons leaving the bone marrow, going out through the joints, damaging the cartilage on the way out.  

Mineral deposits try to bind with it and lock with it, and it causes all kinds of crystals and then scraping and cutting of the cartilage, which causes what? Bacteria, and then they blame the whole problem on the bacteria. Viral or bacterial arthritis or rheumatism.  

The bacteria's going in there to dissolve the problem, not cause the problem. The problem is always medication and industrial pollution caused from metallic poisoning in the first place. So, if you're having that whey to help reduce those symptoms, you will notice that you have to urinate and evacuate the bladder sooner because it's highly acidic, so just be conscious of that.  

It's not something you want to continue with without some kind of break. It dries out the system, unless you're gonna take it with a little coconut cream or coconut oil. Coconut cream's always better because you have the water-soluble fats. Is that a misnomer? It is not a misnomer. You have water soluble fats in the coconut cream that is not in the coconut oil. 





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