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Back to the thing about HIV you mentioned a minute ago, I was curious about when they talk about people with HIV having viral loads and measuring them, but they don't have the symptoms of aids. How do you correlate what you just said about it not being a virus?  


Well, it's not a single virus. 

Like the aids is a single virus that can be isolated. In HIV you can have multiple viruses, but they're not indicative to one. It's a breakdown of the lymph system. If the lymph system isn't cleaning out something you could have the virus that is responsible for meningitis or spinal meningitis. 

You can have syphilis, you can have, streptococcus. You can have any of those viruses active and present in your system in heavy amounts because there's lots of degeneration for them to feed on.  

But the aids is an isolated virus, which according to Dr. Robert Stricker is a manmade spliced virus that was made from two diseases. 

And it was created right here at UCLA, and it was sent to the war department in the early sixties.  

[Attendee #2] 

So, it didn't come from Africa like some people said we tried to- 


No. They want to blame it on some creature, like a monkey.  

Why do you think that attorney and that Senator ended up dead. 

[Attendee #2] 

I mean, they killed him. 


They killed him. Of course they killed him.  


What Senator?  


I don't remember his name. It's Wisconsin, Massachusetts. It's in the book. If you get that book. 





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