What To Put On Toenail Injury, Herbs Are Bad










None of those will, even the butter won't rip it off. Butter adds healing. Let me give you an example.

See this toe, see the bad shape it looks like it's in? Eight weeks ago, the foreman on my land in Thailand dropped a 90 pound wooden post on the corner of this toe. It took all of the skin from here all the way down to here off, so the old was gone. This nail was up. I didn't do anything with this one cause it was just bruised. But this one was ripped to pieces and it was painful and it split the bone from here to here, right down the center.

So, what I did was I put lime juice on it right away, cause lime use is an antiseptic. It will surround any particle and neutralize it, so your body doesn't have to utilize white blood cells and infections and remove it. So, had no pussing with whatsoever. The skin was gone from here all the way to here, and it hit it.

So it just like cut it, cut the skin on it. So there was no saving it and I thought the nail was gonna go too, but I thought the nail was protected, so I didn't remove it. So, I put the lime juice on it, put honey on it, I had coconut cream with me, but not the butter.

But as soon as I got back to the hotel, I put butter on it and a meat slab and then over the meat slab, I cut a piece of watermelon rind the size of that equal around to keep the meat from drying. So, I wrapped that around. I don't like using plastic when I don't have to. So, I used that and wrapped it around with a gauze elastic bandage and then kept it and the nail reattached.

I let it sit for 5 days, I didn't change the bandage or anything. And when I took it off, there was still quite a wedge around the cuticle of the nail that was missing. So, a lot of the Thai people that work for me there said, "Oh, we've got an herb that'll really make this", I said, get it for me.

So, he got it, made it into a pulp and put it on. It got so painful by morning, I took it off and it had caused all of the healing that happened in five days, completely reversed. It ripped all of my skin away. So, I had to wrap it back up again and then I went to the Philippines and after five days, it was the same way, just that little section out again, and they had an herb. And I was not gonna be closed minded cause I wanted that all herbs. So, they had their mixture, so they put it on there. It was a green mixture too. Put it on there, same thing happened 24 hours later, all that healing is reversed.

So I said, maybe it works for you guys who live on rice, but it does not work for me. So, I just wrapped it around with the meat, here it is eight weeks later, I have the nail. Of course, this nail looked like this one as far as the shape of the toe. Now I've got a much longer nail, but it's there, it's attached, and then you can see how it was bruised.

See how this ones bruised? The red blood cells are still under the nail, this one was that way too with the meat. Pulled those red blood cells out or allowed the body to dissolve them, worked beautifully.


Meat, lime juice and butter?


Lime juice, honey, either butter or coconut cream, and then meat over that.

No, I told you I wrapped it in a bandage. I wear sandals there. It's too hot to wear shoes and. That toe would not like a shoe cuz that's where the bend is, so I had to wear a sandals, just kept it wrapped. But I continued working, broken split bone, excruciating throbbing pain, I continued working.


What'd you do for the pain?


Nothing. Well, I had some cheese and butter and honey.

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