What To Eat Before Bath


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Oh, the ingredients to eat! The ingredients to eat before you go in the bath. 

And that's 1/8 to 1/3 of an inch thick circular slice green pineapple. 

-2 to 3 ounces of coconut cream.  

-3 tablespoons of butter.  

-One to three tablespoons of cow's cream. 

-Honey if you like, it's not necessary.  

What happens is the coconut cream, is an intense solvent.  

Will dissolve matter, if you take, you know a lid from a canning jar that's been sitting around. 

If you put coconut cream on the canning jar lid, within an hour it turns black, so ripping up the metals.  

So, coconut is a wonderful solvent to get rid of toxins and dissolve matter. So, you have the coconut cream in there. 

Now you need something to arrest those poisons. 

So, the butter and cream is for that. It will bind with those poisons. 


You have those in place of the other fruit? You put those in the bath? 


No, that's what you're eating. To dissolve cellulite in your body, you have the pineapple, the coconut cream, the butter/cream mixture.  

So, that gets into your body, gets into your lymph system.  

When you're in the bath, it softens the fat in the lymph system. You've taken that formula inside the body and the lymph system feeds every cell in the body that isn't in the bloodstream. 


So, you're supposed to eat that an hour before you take a bath? 


If you're taking bath for an hour and a half, you take it right before you get in the bath or right when you get in the bath, so that is in your body and in your lymph system within an hour and a half.  

[This was later corrected to consume the coconut cream/pineapple mixture with your afternoon fruit meal and take your bath in the evening. This allows it to be active in the system by the time you take the bath.] 

So, then you're out of the Bath and then you do your exercise and it's permeating in the lymph system.  

You don't do that kind of thing.  


But, if you're on the weight loss, you don't take the formula? 


You don't do that kind of thing on the weight loss. You don't do things for intense detoxification when you're on the weight loss. 

Weight loss is to get rid of fats that have already combined with poisons in your body. You do not want to cause more deep tissue detoxification while you're losing the weight because there's not enough blood fat to take care of those poisons. 


If you want to get a copy of the tape from me.  

That's probably the best thing if you're not recording.  


Well, sometimes she has to have things said in a different way. Her brain doesn't quite work. I'm the same way. I used to be the same way. 


Wait a minute. If you're having- you have to have one fruit or the other, you can't have a fruit at 1:30-2:00 and then have another one before you go in the bath. 

[Again, this was changed to having baths in the afternoon] 


You do your bath in the afternoon, that's why I tell people to do the bath in the afternoon.  

[Attendee #2] 

That's your fruit meal? 


Yeah, that's your fruit meal. 


How many minutes before your bath do you have to take the fruit? 


You take it right before you get in the bath or soon as you get in and drink it while you're in the bath. 


One tablespoon of coconut cream? 


No, no. It's on there, just write it down. 

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