What Races Have The Best Skin

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What tribe of people have the best skin?


The African and some Asians colonies. Well, when I was Tahiti, the natives who were eating the white man's diet, and that was almost all of them, almost all the natives on Tahiti wanted to be white and rich, then you go to the next island and they're not nice, they're just very resentful cuz they're not white and they're not rich.

It's they're diet cause they're eating the same garbage the the white mans is. They're eating chips, they're eating fast food, it's not their natural diet. They've never gone out of their ancestry. So, all of a sudden, in the last 40 years going on with that kind of diet's been traumatic on them emotionally.

So, I went to the next island, which was Maria, and then the next one was Bora Bora and the natives are quite happy there, but they're the ones that taught me to eat raw chicken. And they eat raw fish, lots of raw foods, happy. They didn't eat a lot. A restaurant there was out of an okay mostly rundown house and you got picnic tables outside made of partially stone, partially concrete and that's a restaurant. They're very happy and very nice, and pleasant and wonderful.

It depends on where you are. The skin on these Tahitians, which would normally be beautiful as you see on Moray and Bora Bora, where they're eating a natural diet, their skin is beautiful. But then you look at Tahiti where they're eating all the white mans garbage, their skin's horrendous.

But I'd say probably the healthiest skin I've ever seen in the world is in the African [unclear].

All that sun they've absorbed from ages and ages and ages. Of course, I'd seen some farmers in Asia that they had pretty good skin, but they age very rapidly cause they only eat like 5% meat.

Africans eat a tremendous amount of meat, so they've got good physical structure and skin tone, whereas the Asians will wrinkle quickly, as soon as they hit mid 40s, they just shrivel.





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