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Not that I'm in dire need at this minute, but what do you suggest as preventative measures for graying hair?


That's a difficult one because greying hair is a result of toxic metals leaving the brain. If it's in the brain, if it's in the chest, of course, wherever the heirs are turning gray, you've got heavy metals leaving and the lymph system is carrying them to the hair follicle to get rid of them by building them into the hair. If causes follicle damage it turns gray.

Often it reverses. After the chemotherapy, I just had a few patches of hair. When it came back, I was grey for two years, then a reverse, and two years ago, I had a patch of gray hair, and it was there for three months and went away. Then the next year, the last year I had a huge patch here and it came and went.

The only place that it stays is right here. Right, and then he goes in and out in degrees. You know, a year ago, this was completely gray. Now it's salt and pepper again, it goes in and out.


What about white hairs?


The ability for the follicle to use para hydroxybenzoic acid, which is a B vitamin, which controls pigmentation. When the body can no longer utilize para hydroxybenzoic acid or that you're not eating it, then your hair will turn colors if heavy metals get into the follicle.


Okay. So, basically-


There's nothing you can do about it.


It's another way of detox.


Yeah. You know I had one guy go on the diet at 51 years old. He was completely gray, and after five years on the diet his hair went red again. Some people can reverse it.

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