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External body temperatures, I know 105 is the magic number. What happens if you get into a bath that's 106 or?


You'll start destroying the enzymes and vitamins in your skin and your connective tissue


What's that? Sauna bath?


Any kind of bath that's above 105 degrees.


Okay, so it's right immediately above that, so you like.

But whatever, like Indian Sweat lodges or?


Very toxic, very toxic, very toxic. And if you were at the sweat lodge as I was at you'd find out that the Indians, when they put us in sweat lodges, they they lie down and back.

It's so dark you can't tell where they are, but they're lying down.

There's 12 inches of complete ground air.

And when I found them lying back, they weren't exposed to all those toxins and chemicals they were on the ground breathing the fresh air.

So, when I got in weat lodges after that I did that too.

So, only the people who were ignorant and that was one other way to get the white man.




Get him in the sweat lodge with you and poison him.


And he's getting poisoned because it's too hot?


Well, you got monoxide, burning. Carbon monoxides.


From the water on the rock?


You got other things on the rocks that are burning.




You know you've got dirt.

You've got grass, you've got leaves, anything that they put to make the hot rocks hot or on the rocks they're burning on the rock.


With fire?



So all that's smoke in there.

Is not just steam.


Yeah, like when they sprinkle the sage and cedar or whatever.


Right there you go.

You're burning monoxides

Ane the oxides are poison.


What about people who live in a climate that often times will be 110 or 115 without air conditioning for awhile?


Yeah, there's there's all.

There's that space, it's not.

Like water where you've got.

Your body sets out a cooling mechanism and you're- you'll have more fluids.

The blood will be thinner and you'll be cooling yourself.

You know you have a cooling system, but when you're under hot water and it's that close to the skin, there's no buffer zone.

Especially if you're moving around. Let's say you stay completely still, you might have 1/4 of an inch, half of an inch buffering zone, but that's not enough. Normally we have about 3 inch buffering zone.

With the air, but with fluids no.

Louis, yes.


What would you suggest is a good amount of exercise for me to do?

Or would you need to check the worry circles in my eyes?


I need to check the worry circles


I see OK.

But you do have worry circles.

And you do need to exercise.


I remember, yeah, we we had a talking, you recommended it.

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