What Changed Since First Book - No Starches and Less Fruit


cooked starch


aajonus past

nut formula



Now that I've gone over your new book and cross referenced back to the old book, the hardest thing is keeping everything up to date.

In other words, what do you tell people as far as what is up to date and preventing any confusion?


Well, I state it in the second book, the things that have changed is I cut out as much fruit.

I also cut out the breads and using nuts.


You mean the nut formula?


Nut formula in place of cooked starch.

In other words, I don't recommend the cooked starches at all, cooked carbs, but to use the nut formula instead to do the same thing without the acrylamides and the advanced glycation end products collecting.


With the nut formula, when you get the urge for bread or something, can you have that too often?




What's the maximum you have in a week?


No closer than three days apart.


But how much in that time that you have it, that first time you have it? Do you have to have it all?


Depends on how much you eat.


But you have to wait 3 days to have it again?



Neurological toxins that can only be bound with starches. That's the only place we can get of starches with eating cooked food.

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