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mad cow disease




Now, in the mad cow disease thing, it's a virus, I would like to understand it more.

I understand the causes like pesticides and that kind of thing, right? It's just that., you know when I'm back home in Canada, there's just so much hoo ha about it and I don't understand it fully through to like come out and saying no, you know I tell them hey it's all bogus we're hearing on the TV, but I I'm just not sure how to really exllain it so they get it.


Well, there's a serious problem. You've got animals that are getting degenerative degeneration degenerative activity in their spinal cord and brain. It's turning into sponge melting air pockets eat away because they're not eating the foods that they need, and they constantly get these.

They they put these dewarmers on their spinal cords.

Yeah, the dewormers on the spinal cord.

Plus they're getting all these hormones and antibiotics and other heavily alkaloid laden chemicals in their diet that affect the nervous system.

All those heavy metals, all those alkaloids go to the nervous system.

They do damage, so if you put a cow on a heavy fat diet.

You know, if you fed him lots of grasses that were very high in fat or other vegetables that were very high in fat and throw avocados down for them, they wouldn't react as badly because they would have the facts to bind with those poisons.

But when there fed all these grains, which are pretty fatless, their body does create fat from it, trying to bind with it, but it's not the same kind of fat that handles it easily, so they have general degeneration so that kind of degeneration just means you don't want to eat the spinal cord or the brain now when I was in Paris from 1993 to 1996, three months out of the year, I was eating the mad cow disease and I had no effects *laughs*.


What is the actual disease? It's a virus? A solvent that's being created?


Well what happens is the nervous system creates a solvent that causes a folded prion, and a folded prion-

You got fat, you got protein bodies which are called prion.

You got a toxin that goes in , those prions were there to help structure and also could be helpful too as solvents. Then when you have these poisons go into them, they fold, so they don't react properly, so there's no defense mechanism.

But you have to understand the medical profession does not- and the industries do not want to be blamed for their chemical problems and all of our problems are chemical problems.

Even the tribes that eat cooked meat, mainly live on cooked meat have no serious degenerative diseases.

At old age they will get osteoporosis, they'll get weak, won't have the same muscle tissue.

They have slow atrophy, but no serious heart disease.

No serious Alzheimer's, nothing like that.

That only happens, you know, high polluted societies and chemicals.

So the Pharmaceutical industry and other industry and the government.

Let me tell you the governments are all bodies of the industry of all sorts, they are protecting themselves.

This whole hyporbole about so much mercury toxicity in fish is our problem.

What they are doing is throwing the blame off for mercury from fish.

They want to distract you.

The greatest mercury poisoning which would take you forty years of eating fish to contaminate yourself what they do with one vaccine with Thimerosal.

One vaccine will give you 40 years of the contamination of eating fish, cooked fish.


Any vaccine?


Any vaccine, that has thimerosal in it and that's 80% of all the vaccines.


More kids are getting autism, like my nephews daughter-


700-800% more.


1997 nineteen 97 they found that most kids have been getting autism, since 1997.


A lot more than that. They've been studying this 30 years.


Aren't they getting away from thimerisol and things like that?


They're lying, they're lying.

Well, first of all, the government the FDA gave them five years to phase out because they had billions of dollars or vaccine stored in their vaults.

So it's OK to go ahead and poison the children for five years because the problem pharmaceutical houses will lose money.

So that's basically where that went. The new drugs that they're saying are very low in thimerosol.

Anyway, it's still in there.

Another company and I had some of the vaccines tested and they were very little reduction.

See, the problem is that they put the thimerosolin in the vaccines because vaccines were, you know, like which happened to to pass through every time he vaccinated an animal they went into anaphylaxis shock and died.

And that same thing will happen to humans, but for some reason when they use the thimerosal in it. It causes such a reaction in the body that the body won't die.

Don't go into that kind of. shock as often.


Such as what reactions?


The type of anaphylaxis, the allergy to the disease that they're giving you when they inject you with the disease.

Right it it stops the the high rate of fatalities.


The court martialing

That they don't do to armed forces, right?

They stop that, but they.

Don't take the vaccine.


Well, not necessarily.


Yeah, they're still forcing them to.


If you hear the inductees and the volunteers who went to the military, they still threaten.

They don't court marshall you, but they sure make your life hell.


It sounds like what you're saying is when they put the heavy metal in the vaccination, that it's almost like it kind of inhibits the actual disease enough so that it doesn't make that huge reaction.


Well, I think what happens is when you get a flush of disease in the blood the body reacts traumatically because normally a disease will be a developmental reaction within the system and the body has a reaction to that every time, every single vaccine for something like 9 years.

Every animal that Pasteur injected with the disease died.

Not one survived.

Then they started using formaldehyde with with the disease and that and then they started using thimerosol in the 1920s.

Liquid mercury, what happened was it looks like the body had to deal with the poison instead of the disease.

So the bodies


It was tricked?


It was so yes, they're so involved with dealing with the high poison that the disease didn't get registered, and then the body didn't go into an anaphylactic shock as often.

But there are people who go into anaphylactic shock and died from vaccines even with the thimerosol.


I have a question on this mad cow disease because I know that it's like most viruses and bacteria that are out there have been around for billions of years.

As long as planets been here, but since that's a more recent thing, it's essentially been created by man, correct?




Because OK.

I wanted to.


But it has the exact same symptoms of foot and mouth, which is basically a flu a cow flu.


OK, so when like you hear that Europe when.

They you know.

Burned all the millions of cows that they had over there and they apparently couldn't bury them in the soil.

They've actually stored them in old like World War two plane hangars and just like 'cause you can't.

It's so toxic you can't even touch any of it, and apparently if they do like a, what do you call it like an autopsy on someone who's had mad cow?

They have to literally throw away everything 'cause there's no way to sterilize it, to sterilize anything.

Is that true?

I mean, do you?


OK, just remember when something has alive, sterilization does matter.

Sterilizing is there to destroy bacteria and virus and things that are alive.

But when you have metal contamination and poison, you can sterilize all you want to. You can sterilize strychnine's til you're blue in the face.

You can heat it up to 3200 degrees and it won't disturb it. You'll still die of poisoning, that strychnine poisoning. They're just throwing it off on something, a natural disease.

When it's really the chemical poisoning of those animals, which is the problem, and there's so many poisons, there's so many alkaloids, and just strychnine is an alkaloid.

All of those poisons are heavy alkaloids, just different chemical structures of alkaloids.

That makes them those poisons.

So when you have all of this in those animals.

You can't bury it 'cause it'll damage the soil.

Get into get.


The groundwater, right?


As the groundwater will get into the system.


So I guess.

So my question is, you do believe that?

This particular virus is extremely toxic and that it is but it's-


The virus is not toxic.


But the.


The poisoning of the body is toxic.


What what I'm saying is like the ashes that are.

Leftover from the cows I.

Mean you agree that they should be just.


So it's not the virus that's the problem, it's the poison that that's the problem.

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