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If you're out of town, and you don't have your food...  


What do I eat? I eat lots of eggs, avocado and coconut, and let me tell you, I find the fattiest meat I can.  

Like when I'm in Thailand, I go and they'll have fat just hanging. 

They don't sell anything like that here. It's hanging, dripping, big chunks of fat with flies all over it, that's what I get. I'll eat probably a pound of that a day, at least a pound of that a day or else I'll lose tremendous amounts of weight.  


What about in a modern city? 


Well, I go for coconut, avocados, but I always take enough butter with me. I rarely run out.  


How do you bring it? 


I just put it in a cooler.  


Oh, you ship it to yourself? 


I can do that, but most of the time I've been carrying it with me.  


What about the x ray? 


As long as it goes to that small x-ray one time, you're okay. More than that, not good. 

So, I take enough to take me. 

I know I put in the book that I was backpacking in Hawaii for 9 days with my butter honey mixed, and it kept without fermentation, without spoiling. 

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